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The Development

February 28th, 2016    Posted in News

The valuation and the deepening of the knowledge organized in the different ones you discipline pertaining to school are conditions to establish the relations interdisciplinares, understood as necessary for the understanding of the totality. Exactly when historical and cultural conditionings are gifts in the format of the educative system, they do not hinder the intention to search to transform the theory into practical aiming at the reinforcement of the learning. So that the scientific thought is incorporated by educating as one practical one of its daily one is necessary that Science is to its reach and the knowledge has felt and can be used in the understanding of the reality that the fence. The school has the responsibility to form conscientious, critical and active citizens in the society. The current Brazilian legislation for education it guides the schools in this direction. (BEVILACQUA & COUTINHO-SILVA). The satisfaction to come, to be in the school, of really learning is what it searchs with practical pertaining to school and more efficient learnings. One becomes necessary to make possible to the pupil one better accompaniment of the evolution of Science, of the transformations that occur in the nature and of the history of the man.

The base of the cultural formation of the children and young is molded in the school. The way that goes of the learning to its practical application passes for the development of abilities, the adoption of attitudes and the acquisition of abilities, that are the necessary mediaes in this process. Learning, … is the process by means of which educating interacts, it assimilates, it incorporates, it understands, it means and it dominates a content. It is treated, therefore, of an activity of interactive and buying nature. (COAST). The experiences in classroom are the mechanisms of perception and evidence of that what it is being studied it is of value, is real.

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Peter Burke

February 27th, 2016    Posted in News

In accordance with the ranks of Peter Burke, can be affirmed that: Images in allow &#039 them; imaginar' the past of lived form more. As suggested for the critic Stepaen Bann, our position face the face with an image in them places ' face the face with histria'. The use of images in different periods, as objects of devotion or ways of persuasion, to transmit information or to offer pleasure, it allows them to testify old forms of religion, knowledge, belief, delight, etc. Even so the texts also offer valuable indications, images consist in optimum guide it visual power of attorney in the lives religious and politics of last cultures (BURKE, 2004, P. 17). From then on we can understand that the historians searching the agreement of the historical process of the societies had incorporated, as research objects, new sources. Thus, literature, the cartography, the clothes and the images dialogue with the sources ' ' tradicionais' ' used for history.

Considering that the relation between the historian and the object of research or its source if also establishes way problematizao in the use of the images this it can be observed. This problematizao if of the one in two levels. First the natural one in the research process, therefore is through norteadoras elaboration of the hypotheses and questions that the knowledge on the source if constructs. Amongst the authors who study theoretically work the question of the images, Burke defends and reaffirms that ' ' the images, as well as verbal texts and certifications, consist in an important form of historical evidence. They register certification acts ocular' ' (BURKE, 2004, P. 17). It warns that, when treating the images as evidence, we must be you alert for the question of that many of them had not been elaborated with this intention, but to fulfill, religious a function, politics aesthetic, and thus successively.

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Who And Why You Want To Check Your Translation Service ?

February 20th, 2016    Posted in News

Quite often translation companies received requests to make edits to an already translated work or to assess the quality of the finished work. This kind of work is called “Test of Translation”. Translation Bureau is not particularly advertise this service. Although, given the buzz machine translation tools, this direction seems very promising. Which may require verification of the translation? 1. The customer has already translated material, but for some reason wants to insure, for example, it is not certain qualifications of an interpreter. So he wants an experienced graduate was conducted expert analysis transfer to determine its quality.

Or – is the desire to test the potential of the performer. And, perhaps, in the presence of a third party claim to the translated text of the same company – to determine the legality of such claims. 2. Customer wishes to make adjustments to already existing translations of the text. For example, a typical volume of 10 pages of the agreement, concluded for the supply of goods with the French company X, the translated version of which is in stock.

Now you need to conclude (and translation) are exactly the same agreement, but with firm Y. The difference in these two agreements (respectively, and transfers) will not be so essential to re-translate the entire document, paying the second time in the work already done. What knowledge is necessary to have for your order to check the translation? 1. For verification of billing is made on the basis of “price page translation, divided by 2. K example, the cost of translation of 5 pages will be equal to the cost of a 10-page audit of the text. 2. Original text (from which the translation) can be written by hand, but a translation that should be checked to provided in an editable electronic format (PowerPoint, Word, Excel). Otherwise, the expert conducting the test, have an adjustable gain material entirely anew, and it will be not just a “verification”. Checking the translation – it’s a job where in comparison with the original text (check the translation) does not vary more than 20-25% of the material. The fact that exceed these figures, it is considered a full translation and, accordingly charged. Because the texts that have actually redraw, it is easier to translate from scratch. 3. If you want to see where and what changes were made rather to ask to check, using the regime of visible patches. Special difficulties Executive is not added and no additional material costs, but is done only upon request of the customer. 4. There is a transfer without checking the original (translated text is deducted to exclude typos and errors, checking style, not referring to the original text) and with (singer compares the translated text with the text of the original). 5. There are such situations: a person brings a couple of pages of Russian text and a dozen English. The task – in this ten page somewhere like a translation provided by the two, you need to find and check. You can do that, but it will not check a couple of pages, and ten, as they all need to read for the isolation those that meet the required two. In order to save time and money, it is better to provide an original and a translation corresponding to each other. 6. If you want a documentary examination of his examination, it should specify the transfer order to work.

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Winter Olympics

February 19th, 2016    Posted in News

Here you will find a modern urban landscape of skyscrapers, offices, shopping centers strong. It was in this city was held in 2002 , the Winter Olympics. And in Salt Lake City can be purchased as a gift to your children the toys. Symbols of the Olympic Games were chosen hare copper coyote and black bear – they symbolize the motto "Faster, higher, stronger." You can buy children soft toys or trinkets on backpacks and bags. Choose the same time, glass mugs or glasses with these glorious characters. The main thing then do not forget to explain the flock, it is not just animals, and some recent history. As becomes clear already from the title, the capital of Utah is located in the vicinity of the Great Salt Lake.

It serves as the main source of salt production. That it is a unique landscape design "spiral pier. His photos bird's-eye view in high demand. Buy a gift favorite original triptych. Under the same frame of three shots from a height of breakwater in different years. In the 70 years they say completely disappeared under the water, it is now visible again above the surface.

These life stages breakwater, from the first pictures from the building to the present day, perfectly fit into any decor. Your gift set will be incomplete without a personal gift for her. Select a picture for his girlfriend from colored salt crystals or by heating a candle sconce from the salt block. Romantic evening with the Chamber light will become even more cozy and intimate. In doing so, you make almost immediately after the presentation of a gift from a distant Utah. A to best friend did not feel deprived, it's worth remembering that in Utah the headquarters of many high-tech companies. Here you will find a variety of much needed for work and entertainment devices, from network cards to webcams. One limitation – you have to have money for the trip! 🙂 Departing from Utah, cast a farewell glance at the "Martian" red rocks, incredible vastness and the Greater colossus Salt Lake skyscrapers Salt Lake City and Spiral say, sparkling in the sun. Memories of this trip will stay with you forever, but family and friends you're taking gifts and stories. And who knows, maybe you more than once back here, to the rocks and lakes. After all, you do not forget to throw a coin into the Great Salt Lake? Oh, and if not – let it lapse and will be one more reason to come back here! 🙂

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ATM Representative

February 18th, 2016    Posted in News

Before I throw the receipt of the loan, I decided to call the bank (in the department of the debt). And a miracle: my money is NOT RECEIVED! Now I end up questioning the bank's employees about the circumstances of the incident. But two things happened – I made money on the expense of consumer credit, and at the expense of my non-existent (neither I nor my family has never seen) a credit card! That's the card's account was given to arrive in the mail receipts. I heard from an operator reproach of my carelessness when making the payment, which caused the problem, and an increase in debt in connection with penyami. Supposedly to blame. The operator sent to the representative of the bank to the store where I concluded a loan agreement, so I wrote an application to transfer money from one account to another.

I asked how I know you want my account number. You know what I heard in response? WRITE! Recorded, and thought that would rather get this number from the hands of the employee, SUDDENLY IT'S NOT MY ACCOUNT! And also listened to the proposal of the operator, it makes sense to pay the debt on the named account, having previously these took their money through an ATM! No way! I do not have the same card! Came into the store Technosila, spoke to bank employees. The result: a) a representative of the bank has no forms to transfer funds, and b) a representative of the bank not can print a number of my account, and c) a bank representative at the store did not know any state of my accounts, nor how many of them I, d) a bank representative said that the debt on the map to 300 rubles, says that my card is activated.

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Do Not Know What A Take? List Of Leisure Activities !

February 18th, 2016    Posted in News

What to do in your free time list of activities that will benefit (or money) and take your time. A super-cleaning. Collated cabinets peremyvaniem everything and sorting junk. Can be much more interesting find, and elevate mood. From the heap of junk to choose a valuable but not required.

Sfotkat. Put on a hammer. Grandmother’s service. Dad’s camera. Aunt’s samovar. Skates brother. And you work and at home is spacious and has a good chance to earn on this money.

Remember about their hobby. Sculpt clay whistle or cat. Sbatsat accordion proud Vikings. To finish the embroidery hoop, abandoned at age 13. Come up as this to make money. Inet to help – to find a community where You can share experiences, build sales. Sort finally all the pictures. Paper – on the album. Scan! Best to put a ‘Net, the older photos, and more friends there, the more it will delight from publication. Digital photos to give a printout. To look with a fresh eye on the room. Wallpaper one room will cost a couple thousand rubles. Curtains wash. A better change to a more cheerful rastsvetochku. The pile of manuscripts Recipes sorted out (even my grandmother wrote half) to score in the same complex. To do list for the week – Today Cake, Tomorrow chohohbili. Fotkat process. And the result. Put in your blog. Home all sick and tired? Just 20 miles from Your city has a picturesque ruins of uh well, let not the estate. And maybe a missile base. You’ve never been to a planetarium? Botanic Garden? It’s time! You can walk the guests. Or walking. Come to her friend, say – and count up to Botanical Garden is so beautiful! And dragged her there with the children on weekends. 9. Time to eat and no money, and guests have nowhere to go? Undermining. Bill-board. Wash offices. Any other ideas? Philanthropy. Find a community Your town. Can be helped to take away something. Distribute brochures. Be the basis for collecting diapers. Do finally health, go to the dentist and make all your teeth, take all possible survey – worse than ever will be. Run on morning to join the pool, ride a bike, chasing a ball on the pitch. And millions more classes!

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Souvenir Gizmos

February 16th, 2016    Posted in News

A wooden rocker, which hangs in a doorway and which almost all parents had in their childhoods is great. A child with pleasure swings himself or shakes favorite toys. There are also more advanced options for hanging swings, such as a rope swing ikea. By the good gift of this kind applies to a bicycle. Child per year still will not pedal, but now there are many models with a handle for the parents, supports for the legs and all sorts of toys on the front of the bike. With such a transport and mom to walk it will be convenient! Will not have any problems with the selection and manufacturing baby gift for women-handy people. Homemade toys, developing books and mats, embroidered independently of the board and the metrics are not only exclusive, but also the spiritual gift for the child. Joy it will not be limit, in addition, such things are often stored for life, remain in memory.

It is also possible to buy a kit for making casts of hands and feet toddler or manufacture their own exclusive photo album. Recently mode includes the “traditional” gifts. Once every year, among other things beloved daze something special. For example, a collector’s gold coin. If you do not want to spend money, and especially there is no certainty that all these Souvenir Gizmos continue, let it be a traditional samosshity bag for gifts. In conclusion, let me remind that: * When choosing a gift, think as follows: what is new and interesting things will bring this thing in a child’s life, which he learn and experience what emotions * Heed to the characteristics of the selected items. Gift must be safe: is made of harmless materials and do not contain small parts * Please note, to the extent possible, individual characteristics of the child; * Choosing a baby gift, do not forget to buy a bouquet of flowers or a souvenir to his mother: it was a year ago, she gave the world a miracle in any case, whatever you choose, creative children nature will always find this application. But remember: the gift of choice should be with a soul!

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Choosing A Kitten

February 12th, 2016    Posted in News

Animals in the house – it is always and comfort, and warmth and joy of communicating with our smaller brethren, and so there is nothing to spend this joy, let us seriously when choosing a pet. In light of many species of animals that people hold in their homes, but now I want to talk specifically about cats. Everyone knows that cats can be bred and mongrel, but this second love and holyat no less than the first. As a rule, mongrel cats appear in the house by accident, and thoroughbred animals usually choose a long and meticulously. Of course, as the saying goes, the cat – it is in Africa – a cat, that's just not as simple as it might seem at first glance. So, if you dare make in your home is a thoroughbred cat, then the choice of species must be approached very, very deliberately. Immediately warn that this article, though long, but very useful, so I recommend patience and read it through. Let's talk about the financial side.

The first thing I would advise to ask the price of kittens, to estimate how much money you can devote each month to the content of their Future pet. Indeed, in addition to carrying, stove, pans, toys, feeders and other necessary things that you immediately get to a kitten, he is still very much needed. During his whole life for him will have to buy and expensive high-quality feed (in feed can not save in any case, since 90% of the health of a living organism and its life depends on the quality of food) and cat litter, and . .

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