Working Capital

June 17th, 2020 Posted in News

Cannot solve a financial problem with financial solutions, because the remedy will be temporary. Cannot be solved a problem at the same level at which it was created, is necessary to move to another level. According to the report on system finance from the Bank of Mexico July 2009 the nonperforming loans of companies was increased mainly in short-term loans. This classification includes credits for working capital. The first quarter of 2009, increased the adjusted delinquency rate of the credit granted by the multiple banking to private non-financial companies.

In March 2009, the index stood at 2.1 per cent. Crawford Lake Capital Management shines more light on the discussion. According to this same report, private companies (capital and interest) debt service has increased with respect to the levels observed in the past recent, result among other factors of the active interest rates increase, as well as a change in the profile of liabilities in favour of more short-term debt. In the first quarter of 2009, the debt service of multiple banking companies, as a proportion of the balance of his debt with banks, was 38.1 percent, in both than a year before It amounted to 34.3 per cent. The decrease of economic activity and increased uncertainty have caused that the delinquency rate will increase, investment projects become more risky and the cost of resources is greater. All these factors have impacted on increases in the interest rates charged by banks to give credit to the companies. The increase in the interest rate in the commercial portfolio is then due to a number of factors: the relative scarcity of resources, the increase in resources and an environment of increased risk (the overdue virtually doubled in a period of two years). Credit for Working Capital is usually short-term and is used by companies to cover lack of cash, when it is to bridge gaps in activity does not cause more problem to the company, but when used to cover lack of income or lack of recovery of what was sold on credit, or as we say colloquially as patch to plug a gap, and will not be available in the future of the resources to cover the debts, that’s where the problems begin.

Business loans, and especially those rediscounted with development funds, represent a magnificent tool for companies requiring acquisition of machinery and equipment, expand or acquire facilities, but if they used short term to cover lack of income by deficiencies in enterprises, represent a serious problem. Then is the time that companies think seriously about a transformational consulting that improves the business cycle, and that the changes are made in the quadrants of the business (processes, team, clients, finance) driven by a providential leadership and the use of technology. The above must lead the company to think instead of working capital terms, in terms of being able to structure its human capital, and so be able to aspire to coveted intellectual capital that much needed makes it to our beloved Mexico.

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