Why People Join A MLM

December 2nd, 2016 Posted in News

One of the most common mistakes that I could find my short lifetime of networker is that members of any MLM company thinks that people join your network by one of the following reasons: the company awards compensation plan products maybe there’s other reasons but the main ones are these 4, but what so true is this? Really people are joined by the enterprise, products or compensation plan? A few years ago became an investigation of leaders of different MLM companies and were given a survey and a question was what do you that is the main reason why people join your network? and these great leaders responded that the main reason was by the company, then the compensation plan, products, etc. To ask the same question to affiliates, compared to those who answered the leaders, they replied that the main reason to join a MLM network was by the leader or because they saw a great opportunity to to meet their objectives. We could say that people join the network marketing by people and not by the product, plan of compensation etc. It is why the rise of the so-called attraction Marketing, where the most important thing is the person and not the company, the product, nor the compensation plan. Jonathan Budd, a leader of the Anglo-Saxon market, says that people join the MLM for two big reasons: by you for your marketing plan and says that no more reason there is.

Analyze what Jonathan Budd says we realize that it is true, because when someone is new and enters a world totally unknown always looks be related to someone with more experience that can help you achieve your goals. That is why the great importance of having mentors in the profession that we have and the MLM is no exception.That is why it is said that MLM is professionalizing increasingly. Some call the networkers of the last century as members of the old school, where is the gave greater importance to what is mentioned above (the plan, company, etc), it was used hostigadoras many times and very little effective strategies. Currently with the use of the internet as a tool of global access, things are changing, now the MLM leaders are sharing their secrets so that everyone have access and to obtain the desired results whatever the MLM company to which it belongs. They also teach that most importantly is personal as leader growth, since this way we become like a people magnet and although not everyone will join our multilevel always will be in contact with us and recommendations given to them, some product that sold them to help them in their business they acquire it because they fully rely on us. It is that it is advisable to constant training, the use of virtual tools and advice from someone who has already travelled the road and is willing to teach others his secrets. In Latin America there are still not many professional networkers but every day people interested in the industry and professionalism of the same are. In summary, we can say that the reasons for why people join our network of MLM is because we’re here and we have a plan for effective marketing that makes to get the results that soon could take years to be able to reach them.

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