Who And Why You Want To Check Your Translation Service ?

February 20th, 2016 Posted in News

Quite often translation companies received requests to make edits to an already translated work or to assess the quality of the finished work. This kind of work is called “Test of Translation”. Translation Bureau is not particularly advertise this service. Although, given the buzz machine translation tools, this direction seems very promising. Which may require verification of the translation? 1. The customer has already translated material, but for some reason wants to insure, for example, it is not certain qualifications of an interpreter. So he wants an experienced graduate was conducted expert analysis transfer to determine its quality.

Or – is the desire to test the potential of the performer. And, perhaps, in the presence of a third party claim to the translated text of the same company – to determine the legality of such claims. 2. Customer wishes to make adjustments to already existing translations of the text. For example, a typical volume of 10 pages of the agreement, concluded for the supply of goods with the French company X, the translated version of which is in stock.

Now you need to conclude (and translation) are exactly the same agreement, but with firm Y. The difference in these two agreements (respectively, and transfers) will not be so essential to re-translate the entire document, paying the second time in the work already done. What knowledge is necessary to have for your order to check the translation? 1. For verification of billing is made on the basis of “price page translation, divided by 2. K example, the cost of translation of 5 pages will be equal to the cost of a 10-page audit of the text. 2. Original text (from which the translation) can be written by hand, but a translation that should be checked to provided in an editable electronic format (PowerPoint, Word, Excel). Otherwise, the expert conducting the test, have an adjustable gain material entirely anew, and it will be not just a “verification”. Checking the translation – it’s a job where in comparison with the original text (check the translation) does not vary more than 20-25% of the material. The fact that exceed these figures, it is considered a full translation and, accordingly charged. Because the texts that have actually redraw, it is easier to translate from scratch. 3. If you want to see where and what changes were made rather to ask to check, using the regime of visible patches. Special difficulties Executive is not added and no additional material costs, but is done only upon request of the customer. 4. There is a transfer without checking the original (translated text is deducted to exclude typos and errors, checking style, not referring to the original text) and with (singer compares the translated text with the text of the original). 5. There are such situations: a person brings a couple of pages of Russian text and a dozen English. The task – in this ten page somewhere like a translation provided by the two, you need to find and check. You can do that, but it will not check a couple of pages, and ten, as they all need to read for the isolation those that meet the required two. In order to save time and money, it is better to provide an original and a translation corresponding to each other. 6. If you want a documentary examination of his examination, it should specify the transfer order to work.


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