Viktor Ivanovich

May 4th, 2021 Posted in News

Her husband, a lawyer and I was hoping that he will tell you how to act correctly. It would be better and did not call. An hour conversation, I fumbled for my mother's valoserdinom, feverishly recalling how many drops should drip … According to Michael (Galkin husband) is that all the realtors' kidalschiki, "Give me those 10 Thousands of all, goodbye money. Apartments in Moscow sold at the "left" documents, the owners of these apartments be broken off drugs and make the sign papers to sell, all notaries in Moscow were bought, etc. etc.

Michael talked a lot and very convincing, and my timid attempts to find out what people are doing all the same, that would buy a flat, rigid and categorical answer "A proven company," the truth, anyone checked, he explained. After this conversation, two days, I asked Council. Aunt Lyuba, a neighbor from the first floor, a woman aged and many had seen in his life, Viktor Ivanovich, it's my boss, a very serious and competent person with Sasha, this is my friend and still have many, many, even talked to the conductor of the bus, and connected to the discussion of all who rode in it. I called a bunch of companies that have real estate agents, someone who, when the "throwing" or to someone when you help … His head was spinning, I just did not know what to do and who to contact. Lose hard-gained money, certainly not like, but how to buy an apartment? I climbed up on the work of the Internet.

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