United States Inflation

March 29th, 2015 Posted in News

Beyond that deflation is touching the land in the United States, many investors are taking measured by a possible appearance from the inflation. The investors are fearing who the Central bank of the USA cannot do against the great amount of cash that injected in the financial markets like answer to the great passed economic crisis. The problem is that the EDF practically feels that the recession I practically finish and is evaluating the possibility of raising the inflation in the next years, having the interest rates in zero during those years. Many investors already are applying diverse strategies to remove advantage from the inflation. Some increased their gold reserves, whereas others bought bonds to protect themselves against the inflation. In November of the 2009 2000 million of dlares in protected mutual bottoms against the inflation were reversed and other bottoms that quote in Stock market according to the company of financial consultant’s office Morningstar Inc.

the Another most interesting aspect were that to 3900 million dollars in bottoms of raw materials and bottoms of commodities were reversed. Within the bottoms of commodities the investments concentrron in gold.A data but so that they consider is that in which goes already of year 2010 they invested but of 59,000 million dollars in these types of bottoms. Whereas the investors already generated 52,000 million in stock-exchange bottoms and other bottoms that quote in stock market and specialize in action of that country. There are very many investors who are taking very into account the inflation at the time of choosing their investments and that is making favor to companies with a great capacity at the time of fixing prices, as well as some bonds and debts with highest returns. In a realised interview to John Longo, president of the commission for investments of group MDE Group commented that he was to him very difficult to think that the EDF could to absorb the liquidity in time.


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