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September 28th, 2015 Posted in News

Experts estimate that about half the area of industrial and warehouse facilities as well as about a quarter of the area shopping centers have floors with protective coatings – mostly toppings or polymeric materials. When This according to analysts, the dry reinforcers for concrete floors (toppings) accounted for more than 50% (in physical terms) of the Ukrainian market. Reinforcer dry concrete (grout composition or other topping) is dry mixture of cement, various aggregates and polymer additives, which are uniformly rubbed into the surface of the concrete before hardening, and then smoothed and polished to give the floor strength and resistance to abrasion. Today in Ukraine the materials from different manufacturers, designed to harden the concrete surface. Created with toppings, are gaining in popularity: Consumers rated high performance characteristics of such floors, contractors also attracts simplicity and accessibility of technology-specific dry mixture is applied directly on the surface of fresh concrete. Thus, advantage of toppings is the rapid implementation of the works that allows the floor to pass into operation in record time.

Polymeric materials for devices of protective coatings industrial floor currently occupied by about 30% of the total volume of Ukrainian market. As experts say, the polymer coating for floors are usually used where there are stringent requirements for resistance to aggressive media, sterile (pharmaceutical, chemical, paint, food and other industries). Damage to concrete solution of the polymer forms on the surface of the floor monolithic solid “film.” The most common polymer compositions, epoxy and polyurethane resins. Experts advise to opt for industrial buildings, where floors are subjected to significant mechanical loads, polyurethane floors. They are durable, meet fire safety requirements. For application in the administrative, commercial and public buildings that are visited by large numbers of people, the best epoxy flooring with a smooth glossy or matte finish, which not only withstand all operational loads. But also have an attractive appearance. Polymer flooring more sophisticated. They require strict compliance with certain conditions when applying the protective coating: first.

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