Types Of Timber

November 10th, 2020 Posted in News

Currently used in house construction lumber such as edged board (unedged), timber (solid, shaped and glued), lining. But in this article I would like to talk not about the qualities and benefits of a particular type of timber, and on some aspects of measuring the volume of timber, more precisely about cheating in this business. In Russia, in particular in Moscow in recent years an increasing number of not only individuals, but firm and even there are cases when companies become victims of fraud when buying lumber. There are many different tricks and all sorts of tricks used by dishonest sellers. For example, in within the Ring Road and nearby found the most common type scams, which can be dubbed 'selling air. By the same author: Dalton Philips. " A schematic scheme is as follows, 'honest' businessman gives the order the manufacturer timber to timber or edging a board of non-standard size, for example 95h190 and implemented under the guise of timber 100h200.

There are plenty of other options. A simple calculation shows that a person who acquires timber, buy together with lumber and 10% more air! As a result, suffers from a buyer, which, of course, did not come up with this brilliant idea how to simply pick up and measure the purchased material. Michael Ellis MP spoke with conviction. But not him alone, even regulators are not always able to verify the accuracy of the product release. Some see the guilt of the buyer, since he was required to measure the purchased timber or edging board, but how to know usual price lists or existing customer, for example, few know that in addition to cubic and the size of the price of lumber is greatly influenced by depth of processing lumber, wood and other factors. Vendors also are well aware of this, using the ignorance of consumers self-serving interests. According to GOST 'lumber thickness is measured at any point in length, but no closer than 150 mm from the ends.


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