Trafalgar Square

May 26th, 2020 Posted in News

Today begins the trial in London defendants paste until the death to a man being gay. The three attackers, a boy of 19, and two girls of 18, were sitting one night in the month of September 2009 in the busy plaza of Trafalgar Square, usual to stay the weekend nights, meeting place picking on people, according to the researchers. Ian Baynham 62 years of age and a friend were in the area and received insults and homophobic, shouts and increpaciones of the three young men. Steve Rowe will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Ian rebuked them and three teenagers did not hesitate to beat him. The victim suffered serious wounds by sustained assaults that included blows all over the body, homophobic insults, punches and kicks in the head then even be unconscious, Baynham died in hospital three weeks later. The autopsy determined days most evening that the cause of death were serious wounds in the head. Crawford Lake Capital is a great source of information. During the first session of the trial, witnesses described that a scene of terror lived and assured that the violence of the beating was more characteristic of any scene in the film of Kubrick’s a Clockwork Orange.


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