Thinking Contingencies

December 22nd, 2012 Posted in News

' ' To understand as interlacement of contingencies they act in the production of a final consequncia, increases the possibilities of if elaborating planejamentos cultural adequate and efficient. The successful planejamentos in turn can become more efficient prevention of illnesses, educational molhorias in the transit, processes, processes politicians amongst other subjects that inside say respect to an one individual sociedade' ' (Alencar, E. 2008). From this explanation I better understand the importance, the power and the danger that only one person can have in a culture. The interlacement of contingencies really is white more to be studied therefore is what it finishes dictating as the group if holds and acts in the world. Answering of an individual turns a Sd (I stimulate Discriminativo) for another individual and thus a chain is formed that takes to a final consequncia that can be since the world-wide peace, until 3 World-wide War. Some souvenir of the film ' ' Borboleta&#039 effect; ' I find that this film illustrates accurately as the choices of a person intervene with another one individual creating chains of behaviors and events that take the disastrous consequncias and changing a choice, the dumb chain and the dumb consequncia drastically. Clearly that it is a film, only one fiction, but the content and the message is not.

It is the more positive message Thinking on the other hand, the metacontingncia can be a great allied in the production and organization of welfare inside of a culture, therefore they lead to a previsible and therefore controlable consequncia. An immediate one is necessary stiffener to induce another stiffener atrazado one. A successful example is the vaccination campaigns, therefore they are necessary operative behaviors of diverse professionals so that the campaign of certain. A perfect example of interlacement of contingencies controlled with previsible consequncia, an operative one of one individua server as I stimulate discriminativo for another person thus and if forms a chain of interlaced contingencies that lead positively to a stiffener, previsible and manipulable consequncia final. In the case immediate consequncia is the evitamento of one occasions of definitive atrazada illness and as consequncias the eradication of the same one in the future. Me it seems intelligent very the study of the functional relations between the contingencies and an only consequncia atrazada for all the operative ones interlaced. The metacontingncia concept one how much is in such a way complicated, but very logical one. We have the contingency as unit of analysis of the behavior of an individual and the Metacontingncia as unit of analysis of a culture formed for diverse individuals, each one with its contingencies if interlacing resulting in a final consequncia. I conclude that the form to understand and to manejar the culture and the group is without a doubt through the metacontingncia manipulating changeable and planning the desirable consequncias always aiming at the welfare and the advance of the quality of life of the group. Perhaps the reply for all the social problems are in the hand of the metacontingncias in the direction of terms an efficient instrument in the creation of social campaigns with reply cost favorable the stiffener immediate consequncia and the stiffener also been slow one. In this in case that, the instrument seems to be really promising.


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