The Reflection

February 19th, 2013 Posted in News

Some questions can guide the reflection, until this to become an incorporated habit day-by-day, as for example, to ask itself exactly if she is being good professional, if it is acting adequately and still its activity is being become fullfilled correctly. It is basic to always have in mind that has a series of attitudes that are not described in the codes of all the professions, but that the activities are common to all that a person can exert, liking what becomes, without losing the dimension of that is necessary always to continue improving, learning, trying new solutions, creating new forms to exert the activities, being open the changes, exactly in the small details, that can make a great difference in its professional and personal accomplishment. This everything can happen with the incorporated ethical reflection its life. that is part what empregabilidade is called, that nothing more is that the capacity that you can have of being a eticamente good professional. Eticamente adequate behavior and continued success are indissociveis! 1.5 – PROFESSIONAL ETHICS, SOCIAL RELATIONS AND INDIVIDUALISM the laws of each profession is elaborated with the objective to protect the professionals, the category and the people who depend on that professional, but specifically has many aspects not foreseen and that they are part of the comprometimento of the professional in being eticamente correct, that is, to make the certain thing.

Another reference that has been object of study of many scholars seems to be the trend of the human being to defend, in first place, its proper interests e, when these interests are of little recommendable nature, they occur we serssimos problems. The ethical value of the human effort is changeable in function of its reach, in face of the community. If the executed work is alone to gain income, has its restricted value in general. The carried through services, aiming at the benefit of third with conscience of the common good, start to exist the social expression of the same.


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