The Others

March 9th, 2016 Posted in News

Because I say currently you that nor the work follows tranquilamente, because already emotionally is mixed. You do not obtain to be rational. is not something that you obtain to control, you is emotional. The first step would be to recognize this question, but I see that you still believe that she obtains to be rational. Until there, it does not have nothing to see with me, if it was not for the fact of to this to bother me behavior it involves when me directly. The people bind it me to you, it does not have skill. This relationship that we are developing finishes being transparent for the other people as if it was with priority to the work and career.

is in this point that we two need to act strong. I see that we two leave losing. But in way ' ' adulta' ' , I want to say, that it is not going against the ideas, or showing in infantile attitudes that we do not give in them well or any thing of the sort. The way is to change our speech with one another. More polishing and to be educated it would be a good start. Moreover, to inside respect the basic norms of position of a company, the type to respect the right of the others to be expressed, not to demonstrate a privacy that is not had, to stop of focar in the negative points of the other, stopping to evidence them and for goes there. I do not see another exit not to be in them always to police more and. is not simply to represent, but yes to incorporate everything this in our relationship. I know that she lacks respect (and here I assume my parcel of guilt) and the people notice. She does not need to coexist very, is enough one meeting excessively to perceive them that we have a relationship, at least, confused.


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