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May 22nd, 2020 Posted in News

There are a simple and yet effective way, walking such mistakes out of the way: after completion of the presentation, check your slides (at least) once again. The Exchange with colleagues is an effective method to avoid mistakes in particular if a single occurrence of the company is to ensure to the outside. Your colleague uses, for example, a different design than you, your expertise and the reputation of your company are quickly questioned. The finished presentation from beginning to end a round thing keeping when designing your slides and the preparation of your presentation always the function your Presentation in mind: they want to convince others of your cause! How you can effectively do it, is no secret: sure if you talk to your listeners not only content, but also on the emotional level. Structure your presentation along a red thread, develop a dramaturgy and thus generate emotions. At the beginning, raises exciting questions, that resolve at the end of your presentation. You waive the usual phrases at the end instead give food for thought your audience and remain so persistent in memory.

Last but not least tell a story with your listeners at the beginning and end of a they want to be entertained even with your presentation. The essence of short and concise hold combined you eye contact! So don’t get tempted to read slides and at the same time building a relationship to your listeners. Reduce your slides on the essentials! If you merely on the information, the said sense complement or clarify, avoid too much slides automatically. Use design to emphasize your essence! The font size font and colour up to the imagery and graphical elements the vote of individual funds is important for the overall impression of your presentation and conveys professionalism. Avoid careless mistakes! Check your slides carefully errors and replace with your colleagues if necessary. This ensures is also a common occurrence outwards. A related site: Crawford Lake Capital mentions similar findings. Convince your listeners in content and emotional! You raise questions, you give food for thought, tell a story with your presentation.

Only who has something to tell, remains in memory. etc Agency: all except usually the etc advertising agency from Aachen is the contact for complex products of technology, automotive, IT, engineering, health care and life science, since 1993 for Industry, research and commerce, corporations, SMEs and spin-offs. The use of PowerPoint is an integral part of the daily work of a full service agency. From these experiences can and should others creating and optimizing benefit therefore belongs of PowerPoint presentations now to the extensive services of many agencies. Do you have questions? The etc ad agency team looks forward to your call. Phone 0241.5682870. For more information about the range of services, references and work examples of advertising etc, see.


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