The Dangerous

May 15th, 2013 Posted in News

Perhaps we could change & ldquo; they work duro& rdquo; for & ldquo; they work certo& rdquo;. Certain time, I read in a didactic material of languages the following one phrase: & ldquo; I am working 50% lives on my business and 50% less in my business. I am 100% happier& rdquo;. I believe that the point-key in this question passes for one high devotion in the question planning. It is necessary to change & ldquo; Fire! To point! To prepare! & rdquo; for & ldquo; To prepare! To point! Fire! & rdquo;. the degree of linking of this exchange with the concept of disciplines is high. 3 & ndash; They are curious and anxious to learn: To speak of learning in its concept is not simple. However, for ends of commentaries to this tip, we go to simplify: to learn would be a transformation of information in knowledge.

To the 16 years, I learned with my first manager (at that time we did not use this classification) that & ldquo; Knowledge does not occupy espao& rdquo;. As the sensation for learning is good something and better still is the sensation to apply something that we learn. The curiosity and the anxiety for the learning bring a fidget of the good. It is treated, not only of one necessity that we have of intellectual evolution, as well as of one & ldquo; remdio& rdquo; to extinguish the dangerous risk of the comodismo.


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