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April 3rd, 2013 Posted in News

Gratitude is the most effective tool for the edification of our present, and thus build a better past. This phrase, or any similar sense it we have read or heard without paying sufficient attention, since although a thought inspire us for a moment, little practice make this with a purpose that allows us a leap in quality in our lives. Think about it a good now, guarantees us a good memory of what has been lived and empowers us to a better tomorrow. is or is not the case? I frequently hear the colloquial phrase first God, accompanied by requests that mention what you want or it covets. In essence invoking something that does not possess. If we spend a little attention, we percataremos that we spend much of our time, trying to get goods or status, that we consider necessary for our happiness or peace of mind, the interesting thing is that these requests are not backed by disciplined actions oriented to a purpose, far from it, do not pass a waiting position, generating dissatisfaction of our current position or condition. As a result of the practice, our thinking is structured the request for conditions and resources missing, ignoring the qualities, conditions, capabilities and skills that we possess, which are generating source of harmony and constant personal satisfaction, said otherwise engines of self-esteem.

I intend to invite them to the individual reflection and the discovery of the power of appreciation of the resources which currently has each; spiritual, mental resources, materials, skills, etc. that we deal with to apply them in our daily living, will be apparent before us the true quality of life that we currently possess. You already have everything you need now, use it thank as you are and by what you have, get the rest is a consequence of a proper thinking and an attitude positive to the situations that you have live you.!! Avoid commiserate it or feel poor thing (or) I, that if it is a good first step and clear and consistent action with what life has given him until today, allowing him a handhold to transform your wishes into commitments which will be realistic if they are accompanied by actions oriented towards what you want.

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