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Nowhere is allowed to specify the distribution of profits between your small business (or you individually) and the Public organization, respectively, 80 and 20 percent. Thus, you not only get the basic tools for development at an early stage, but in the future, as growth will win at a lower rate of tax. And you can agree to, quickly returning to your "roof" of its invested funds with a good percentage of profits in the future of this social organization to send only one percent of income. But initial relief at the rates Taxation will continue, because the founders have remained unchanged. Thus, a person who thinks about how to avoid excessive taxation, should be "fresh eye" to look at with all applicable laws and regulations. In broad terms, this means simply more adept at using economic and legal mechanisms. For example, it should be remembered that all the work associated with the trademark are not subject to tax on a joint venture. So, we need the formation of joint ventures to find this sign and continue to think of the work associated with it.

Suppose SP wants to spread their logos in other countries. It produces some work, spends resources paid work to people, etc., etc. But instead of this company to get your mark with a gift, too, will come – by appointment – the same way. Such exchanges related to trademark gifts, earnings are not taxed. Trademarks can participate in auctions. Hence, it should be good to think that the company will name when creating a trademark.

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