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Nelson Astegher

December 2nd, 2017    Posted in News

Meanwhile, 1.3 million give children live with the solitarios father or the mother, raises who them. That a single woman conscientiously has a son, without the married documentation nor apparent partner, no longer is no drama. Also they are appearing the first parents (they) single who defend their rights bravely. That it was of familla small classic? If one takes by more recientes investigations of the Deutsche German Ingendin stltuddnatl tuto for the young people, has fallen from the 80 to 40$ the total of the families, a worthy change of attention but it will be also cause to worry? It has to do with the question that is happening with the family? , that is exactly the title of an ample study on the situation of the family nowadays, presented/displayed hace little by the German institute for the youth of city of Munich. Nevertheless, already in the prologue of the carried out joint work by more than 50 famous scientists the preoccupation is relativized: the complaint by one ” ” crisis of familla is practically so old, as the political interpretacin and mainly the scientific research of the same.

The publishers notice several times, that the death, diseases or derrota of the pair and the family, will take place continuously whenever the old woman passed on and accepted customs are questioned and undressed of the force that has known to have like proven positive Fuera with the rigid schemes of life; welcome the free unfolding and revelation of own I. Michael Ellis MP is actively involved in the matter. Thus it is outlined, according to many scientists, the evidente present tendency towards the individualism in our society of riesgo, self-denial and resigns to the best style of our grandmothers? that no longer parece to be more in rows . ” ” I do what I do, and your beams which you haces” “. I am not on this world to be to your service and vice versa. If casualmente we were, wonderful; and if nonbad luck.

Nothing can be done: is as the death Thus says a mentioned poem very of a famous therapist. Behind such concept on the life it will not watch the solitude? Extrema deficiency of bonds. Also on this our Elizabeth Badinter has meditated. Its finding: the solitude is not already for many young people a frightening ghost, compared with the hell of a life mistaken for two. That this life for two does not have necessarily to fail, of it the best test is the same professor of girls in philosophy, mother of three adolescents and happy wife. Instead of false expectations, unfulfilled yearnings and all the deep feelings that cause to sufferings and little felicidad, it would have according to his to seem, something new and good To try: tenderness, affection brotherhood (camaraderie), confidence. If the man and the woman bravely dare to escape of their viejos rolls (to leave the drawer, can get to be compagnons (partners companions), people whom their bread divides to each other and respects reciprocally the freedom of each. Nothing else neither nothing the less.

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Mexican Salad

July 11th, 2016    Posted in News

Historical review: This is a preparation of kitchen fusion of which in the United States they classify of kitchen tel-mex, that is to say a prescription here inspired by ingredients and Mexican cultures but developed in the United States, with American industrialized products of origin. The original prescription is of my friend of 35 years Carlos Anato, who whenever he can us prepares them in his house; she is the favourite of Dalila and all our children. However, like good Dalila cooks and who writes we have made him some changes, especially in the marinated type of of the meat and in the used condiments. It is easy to prepare and in Dalila s Gourmet always we spoke to do them to our parents, when we pruned to go from visit to Venezuela. Ingredients For the Salad: 1 Stock market of Tortillas or Doritos? 4 Cups of Chili con carne? 1 sauce Bottle of sharp natural tomato (Tostitos marks)? 3 Lettuces finely cut? 2 Cups of vinagreta Tip and Rooster? 6 great Spoonfuls of sour cream (1 for each plate of salad)? 9 small Spoonfuls of black olives in slices or 2 tins? 2 Cups of Mexican cheese lined or Monterrey cheese Ingredients For the Vinagreta Tip and Rooster: 3 Tomatos shrieked and cut in buckets of of inches? 1 Onion cut in buckets of of inch? 2 very well crushed Teeth of garlic? 1 Cup of coriander very finely cut? virgin extra olive oil Cup? 3 spoonfuls of vinegar? 1 Pinch of oregano? Salt and pepper to the taste Ingredients For Chili con carne: 1 Libra de worn out Carne of head of cattle? 2 Cups of Caraotas (kidney beans) red soft (cooked without condiment)? 1 Cup of tomato liquefied in little water? 1 Onion finely cut? 8 Teeth of crushed garlic (50% for the marinated one of meat and 50% for the sofrito)? 1 Teaspoon of fresh cumin? 1 Teaspoon of homemade marinade? Teaspoon of paprika or pimentn ground? 1 Teaspoon of season for fajitas? 2 Spoonfuls of oil (for the marinated one)? 2 Spoonfuls of olive oil (for the sofrito)? 1 Spoonful of sauce barbecue? Salt and pepper to the taste Preparation of the Vinagreta Tip and Rooster: In bowl puts 1 water cup with one spoonful of the vinegar; it soaks by 15 minutes so that the onion loses its picor? Good scoundrel; she incorporates all the other ingredients and she mixes until unifying all the ingredients of the vinagreta Preparation of Chili con carne: In bowl she puts the ingredients of the marinated one (garlic, marinade, oil, Cumin, paprika, salt and pepper); she removes until uniting all the ingredients? She incorporates the worn out meat and she mixes or until the condiments or are scattered by the meat? She lets marinate more or less by one hour. .

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