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December 26th, 2016    Posted in News

When the reality is said in education in Brazil is heterogeneous, because Brazil not yet found its way in the direction to make education with equity and quality for all. It is clearly that magical solutions do not exist, not even a simple formula for this problem that depends on the will politics of the governing, of the professional situation of the professors, of the commitment of the managers, of the quality of the education received for the students in the previous years, of the physical and pedagogical resources of that the schools make use. At MP for Northampton North you will find additional information. However, the development of an intellectual and academic context becomes necessary where the pertinent questions to the education are analyzed and argued with the necessary depth and the reach. This is a complex task that the education facultieses must try of some form to solve, a time that many professors leave the facultieses and they are not prepared to use the didactic resources and its multiple functionalities in its field of work this reflects in the quality of education/education that is offered the educandos. For more specific information, check out Michael Ellis MP. She is necessary that the governing, the education facultieses, the managers of schools offer to the professors the chance of if enabling by means of studies with the purpose to learn to use all the didactic resources since simplest to most complex, natural and the artificial ones, old and the modern, the manuals and technological, the printed matters and the virtual ones. One knows that the limitations of the professionals and the disparidades between pertaining to school realities, that is fact, however must be remembered thatboth do not have to be attributed to the professor, but yes to the lack of commitment of the governing, of the managers of schools that do not offer conditions so that the schools, the educators win these disparidades and limitations offering they/they conditions to surpass the inherent challenges to the manuscript of the technologies by means of studies, courses, qualifications and of the insertion of the technologies in the schools, in the form, classrooms that pupils and professors feel motivated to handle, therefore thus the difficulties will only go being surpassed and the acquired learnings of more attractive form. Ahead of the displayed one, she is necessary excessively that the educators assume the commitment to surpass plus this challenge, in its professional lives, thus winning its limitations in this field of the didactic resources and its use in educative development of projects, lessons, or any events.

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Mathematical Education

September 27th, 2012    Posted in News

Ahead of this, it can be affirmed that the adequate knowledge to the individual development encloses aspects and consideraes of the two levels, that is, must be led in account, in this process, as much the level of the real development how much of the potential. 5.2 The IDEAS OF UBIRATAN D' AMBRSIO D' Ambrsio strong considers a resume marked with the contextualizao focusing the Etnomatemtica 3 for considering the Mathematics a cultural manifestation. the Mathematics of the school nothing more is of what only one of the many mathematical that if find for the diverse cultures. In the specific case of the Mathematical Education, the alternative most viable is to incorporate the programs the Etnomatemtica, even so rare either considered as integrant part of the pertaining to school mathematics. Observing the first references, as for example, in Plato or the proper Average Age, where it was constructed modern science, Etnomatemtica meets there.

The incorporation of Etnomatemtica to practical the educational mathematics demands the release of some preconceptions on the proper Mathematics, as to understand what she is Mathematical, severity, demonstration, and what it is acceptable. Facts that generate a quarrel without which the Mathematical Education hardly will find the field adjusted to revitalize themselves. This quarrel is of nature description-epistemolgica, unhappyly absent in almost the totality of the approaches to the Mathematical Education. The Mathematical Education being based on a pparently solid foundation that is the Mathematics as science, reflects this solidity. In some cases of elitist and pedante form, selecting the best minds, therefore the Mathematics as it disciplines pertaining to school is the responsible greater for frustrations, defections for the maintenance of an unjust and unacceptable social stratification. With the advances in the learning theories, the appearance of new applied technologies the Education, the recent progressos of the Mathematics and too much sciences provokes important and deep alterations in the education of Sciences and the Mathematics.

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