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Organization Markets

June 12th, 2013    Posted in News

In time of crisis, in which economic sensitivity, sit on the behavior of the consumers, in where many refrain from buying products, given the impact that the crisis has generated revenue, is when the management of markets must give way to their creativity and innovation to deal with the situation there, which has been written, that precisely in times of recession, is when a greater effort is required when innovation and creativity should offer the maximum for the brandWhen seek more than ever the difference, when it should give rein to imagination. However, and curiously, the reality is that in delicate moments the marketing departments of companies from almost all sectors are often the first to suffer budget cuts. And those cuts not only affect investment in communication but the area as a whole that looks impossible do or suggest anything nuevoSi we believe in marketing, our ABCs of strong brand (attractive, brava, dutiful, different and focused) acquires its meaning. We will have to investigate further to the customer and we bet for being the first in something, by communicating in a surprising way, invent the ingredient magic, by finding new utilities to our product, to incorporate new services and even to go countercurrent. Miguel Yanez Orellana indicates, to apply the maxim of budget cuts in marketing if the corporate culture is the classic seems logical in times of crisis. However, brands that are built from the ground up with culture marketiniana should face these uncertain times with the conviction of which we know focused towards customer and not towards the product and therefore with the security of that marketing in its conception more holistic remains the path to success.

Consider as suggested by Josep M Abella, that those companies that manage to reorient its marketing with greater success will, in all likelihood, in a better position to face the new challenges of the future. A success whose bases are the count with a solid portfolio of clients based on trust, mutual understanding and the satisfaction, factors that are gaining prominence in the race of business competitiveness. A new approach to determined by the conviction that the global experience that we are able to offer our customers involves the difference and the success of our brand. An experience that goes far beyond the simple economic transaction. Conclusion in time of crisis that affected the function of markets, it is necessary to diagnose the scope, implications that this generates in the behaviour of consumers, in the same markets in order to give way to plans, actions to facorezcan plans, actions to undertake and guarantee the Organization stability in established markets function. The markets function should be attentive to the impact of the economic, technological, political variables influencing the management of marketing and avoid this not achieved its objective. Must be good audits of marketing, as well as balanced, objective monitoring of the behavior of consumers, be attentive to your needs and generate changes, actions that are required not to leave the crisis affecting already conquered markets.

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Four Methods Diagnoses

April 15th, 2013    Posted in News

Inspection by the inspection community acupuncture is a diagnostic method by which the doctor understands and is able to predict pathological changes of internal organs by the observation of the irregular changes in vitality, color, appearance, and secretions and excretions of the patient.In his extensive clinical practice, Chinese doctors became aware of the close relationship between the external part of the body, especially the face and tongue, and Zang-Fu organs.The subtle changes that are manifested in these areas of the body may reflect pathology in various parts of the body.Therefore, the external inspection is helpful in diagnosis. Observation of the VitalidadSe means vitality to the overall manifestation of the vital activities of the human body and the external signs of the relative strength of the Qi and blood of Zang-Fu organs, which take the essential Qi as a base.To observe the vitality, the doctor can get a rough idea of the power of Qi antipatogeno of the human body and the severity of the disorder, which is very important for the prognosis.If the patient is fully conscious and enough mood, responds acutely and shine you your eyes, then the patient is vigorous and disease can be considered mild; If the patient is discouraged, with muted eyes, and of slow response or signs of mental disturbance, then the patient lacks vigor and disease could be severe. Observation of the colorSe are to observe both the color and the brightness of the face.There are five types of discoloration, namely: Blue, yellow, red, light grey and dark grey.The observation of the brightness of the face consists in distinguishing if the complexion is shiny and wet or if it is dark and macilenta.People of different races have different skin colors, and there is a wide variation between individuals of the same race.However, a bright skin’s natural color is considered normal.The color and the brightness of the face are the external manifestations of the relative power the Qi and blood of Zang-Fu organs.The changes of color and brightness usually denote different pathological conditions.The observation of such changes is valuable for disease diagnosis.

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