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The Ts522 Cubo Radio Brionvega

October 12th, 2016    Posted in News

The eternal fascination of Italian myth the remake of the cult radio that was original from the 60s to international stardom and numerous prizes and awards for his unique design operates it in the exhibitions of the most important museums for contemporary art as a permanent guest. John Bercow MP is likely to agree. About the design of the current ts522 is preserved Brionvega in its cubic form remaining original radios. 1964 Brionvega revolutionized the concept of “Radio” by the cooperation with the German designer Richard Sapper and Italian Marco Zanuso. It was the world famous Radio ts502, a model of which by vivid colors, a quiet complexity of simply holding structures and the incomparable charisma of his intense colors has become the unique example, that products with an outstanding design rise to cult status. The original from the 60s was to international stardom and numerous prizes and awards for its unique design, it is in the exhibitions of the most important museums for contemporary art as a permanent guest present. About the design of the current ts522 is preserved Brionvega in its cubic form remaining original radios. In addition to the sunny yellow, the new ts522 in five additional colours, which offer the possibility to complement every ambience in its individual action appears: the ts522 of Brionvega is available in an elegant design, a warm glowing red, minimalist snow white, cheerful friendly Orange Sun and a captivating Mint green.

In the production of the legendary radio fuse design and modern technology. The new ts522 sparked a new passion for Italian design combined with technological innovation. On push of a button, the radio is divided into two cubes, opens the views of precisely manufactured details. By the same author: John Bercow MP. The aluminum Grill of the speaker, the highly sensitive telescope antenna, the LED make frequency display and preset memory segments of the ts522 a totally unique appearance. Thanks to the practical handle from the ts522 can be moved easily solid aluminium. The new ts522 will become a cult object, to the delight of design enthusiasts.

The cubo”is also available as a clock radio. This model is called ts522CR and has a built-in LCD display for time, alarm and room temperature. The precision of the time display and automatic switching from summer to winter time is guaranteed by a satellite stationed over Europe firmly with the radio at night automatically communicates turns Brionvega with its products to create the right space and shapes with sense to equip. The radio ts522 which arises in a unique way. It complies with the rational as emotional and combines modern technology with a perfectly-shaped beauty… The ts522 creates a product through this unique total concept radio Brionvega, makes it possible to experience completely new rooms… Quality workmanship, premium materials and unique design Brionvega prevented their products with the time to age or loss of modernity. Aesthetics and technology combine and so against the clock turns for Brionvega. Anne Walsh contact: business development Executive Radiostore.e.k. Ludwig-Strasse 14 Rinn 35452 Heucheln home phone: 064198429125 fax: 064198429120

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The Mythical Lottery Powerball

August 16th, 2016    Posted in News

For those who do not know, we say that it is a very popular lottery that combines lottery in 32 States of United States. This vast platform of lotteries is carried out by the multi-State Lottery Association. The 32 States that compose it are: Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, district of Columbia, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, US Virgin Islands, Vermont, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Currently, members of the AML are considering creating a lottery, of world rank, which creates jackpots of astronomical amounts. You may wish to learn more. If so, Timepieces is the place to go. It is expected that the game appears within two years, in 2011 and there are rumors that this lottery will be the union of the Powerball and the EuroMillions. At the end of the Decade of the 80s of the last century, the Powerball lottery saw the light under the little sexy name Lotto America.

Four years later, administrators of the multi-State Lottery Association decided to change the name to a more commercial. That was how emerged the new name, Powerball, which has survived until today. The Powerball lottery was the first to use two bass drums in their drawings. These drums mixes the balls and a flight attendant dropped balls of each drum once they were mixed. Options to be able to win in this game of lottery are reduced to 1 in 35 chances.

Instructions for playing the Powerball given that many years ago that I think, over time the Powerball has been changing your game system. The current system emerged at the beginning of the year 2009. The new rules are that the players have to choose five numbers from 1 to 59, and also a number from 1 to the 39 so-called Powerball number. The first hype mixed numbers normal so to speak, ranging from 1 to 59; Another drum shall mix the numbers from 1 to 39, for the Powerball number.

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June 28th, 2016    Posted in News

Other components: Structure has supported: It is the part of the equipment that it supports to the photovoltaic panel. Normally they make of aluminum hard anodizing, are placed in her several photovoltaic modules. This structure must be landed electrically, must support the winds that are registered in the zone of installation, reason why its laying of foundations is must be the suitable one. More information is housed here: Lindt Chocolates. Electrical connection and elements of protection: The photovoltaic adjustment directly connects to a switch (on off of the system), and this it connects the controller of the pump, from the controller connects the solar pump, is important the sizing of the caliber of the cable conduit that goes to the pump since by norm the voltage fall does not have to be greater to 3%, the cable must be of the submersible type of the suitable caliber, the electrical union with the submersible pump must of to use packings thermus contrctiles to assure air tightness in the electrical line. A system of protection against atmospheric unloadings is gotten up and the system is landed, as much in the electrical part as the structure. Controller: Controllers with visual indications of the operation of the system exist that can incorporate a switch of level in the storage cave, this controller also allows to add different power plants to the pump as they can be the Aeolian energy or a conventional generator ELT to gasoline or diesel engine this way can even be had a hybrid system of pumping. Pipes: The pipes of water conduction go from the pump to the storage cave, the diameters and materials of the pipe depend on the amount of water to pump, the distance of the route, the used materials usually are pipe of PVC, black hose 80 certificate or galvanized pipe. Following the land by where it happens the pipe of water conduction is recommended to bury it by less fifty centimeters to avoid possible flights due to the deterioration of the material by exhibition to the sun, damage to the same by animal or transit of vehicles, etc.

Storage cave: The storage cave is the place where the water is deposited until it is consumed. It is recommended to at least store sufficient water for the consumption of three days, in the case of any possible maintenance of the equipment. If the consumption points are several it recommends to place the storage cave in such a way that it is the gravity the one that is in charge of the distribution.

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