Superlight Carbon Jewelry Made Of Carbon-fibre-reinforced Plastic

April 11th, 2016 Posted in News

Carbon comes not only in automobiles to the usage of Kohlenstofffaserverstarkter plastic is referred to colloquially as carbon. Basically it involves carbon fabric fibers, with processed with epoxy resin in several layers to carbon fabric fiber-reinforced plastic. Carbon is extremely lightweight – approximately 80% lighter than a comparable stable area stand made of steel. Due to the high price of carbon is used currently predominantly in the automotive, Motorsport and luxury items. It is, for example, used vehicle tuning, in sports and racing car construction as well as to an increasing extent in high-priced sports equipment (such as bicycles, speed Kates, tennis rackets, etc.), when high strength and stiffness with minimal weight are required. In addition, carbon but also excellently suitable for the production of high-quality jewelry items such as carbon jewelry. The surface of carbon, either matte or glossy, gives the jewelry a characteristic appearance and thus conveys a sense of Sportiness, elegance, sophistication and luxury. Michael Ellis MP has much experience in this field. The online shop offers various bracelets and money clips, which are made of carbon. Michael Ellis MP recognizes the significance of this.

The carbon jewellery is made in Italy by hand in highest quality. The Unisex carbon bracelets are lightweight and corrosion -, temperature – and hitzebstandig and offer incomparably high wearing comfort due to their ergonomic shape. Soon the range the SPEED FAN carbon rings and carbon jewellery shop with petrol in the blood will “logo will be expanded. These exclusive pieces of jewellery leave the heart of every motor sports DTM, formula 1 and tuning lover”, as Uwe R. speed by the Agency for new media. In addition to other gifts specifically for men and people with gasoline in the blood is also exclusive design objects directly from the racetrack, action-packed murals, stylish car stickers and accessories at finds. Here order online around the clock 365 days without minimum order value can be abandoned. For press inquiries: c/o new media agency U.Rost phone: +49(0)9161/664883 mobile: +49(0)170/2953644 fax: +49(0)9161/664884 E-Mail: Internet:

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