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June 10th, 2013 Posted in News

Today’s world is a world of a constant process of change and development, which often is overlooked which can occur in certain eventualities that aren’t on anyone and so for not having plans the most minimal prevention inconveniences, usually inconvenient older economic type can be generatedTherefore today there are some entities that facilitate since prevention tasks that face the concurrence of those undesirable events that affect the patrimony of each person in some way or another, these entities offer packages that can be accommodated to the like of each person and can also cover that element deemed of greatest importance to the user, so can make a good amount of items such as cars home, insurance against accidents, among a good number of items and contingencies; after knowing there is some entities that can protect the patrimonial interests, among other things in the market, gives way to the mention of one of the best entities that provides this type of services, which is Star Insurance Corporation which over the years has been highlighted as one of the entities engaged in such service. Safe star was born in 1901 as a sociedad anonima de seguros y reaseguros, in Cartagena ensuring fields as the fires and the sea, then moved to Madrid, to the decade between 1920 and 1930 star insurance remains stable even on the difficulties through which passes Spain at the moment, in such a way the company for its good balance creates a box of social welfare for employees of the companywhich is very consistent with the vision of the star insurance, acting in a preventive way and offering better conditions to its employees, which can also be seen its social vision, with the advance of time Star broad insurance its field of action to life, transport, civil liability insurance, later in the decade between 1970 and 1980 star insurance creates 2 Cartasa and Inmovasa – in such a way investment companies are makes a financial insurance group, in the year of 1983 a multinational becomes part of Star insurance to acquire 43% of the shares, subsequently the confident star launches the individual pension plan, being one of greater importance in business activity services, finally, between the historical events that have had great importance in the confident star, is given the incorporation of Star insurance group Generali, with which the insurer acquires more recognition, we must bear in mind that the confident star did not have this name until 1998, since before it was called star only, at the end of the decade between 1990 and 2000 the company made a turnover of 130 billion, being one of the companies leading in the Spanish market. Among the services that have the star placed insurance as one of the best insurance companies insurance and other financial services that make up packages such as accidents, autos, Commerce, fatalities, dental, boats for recreation, building, home, retirement, bikes, savings and investment, can be found repatriation, civil liability, health, life income, life risk.

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