Social Commitment At Syscovery

July 18th, 2015 Posted in News

10.000,-donation to the children’s Hospice Sterntaler Mannheim – the syscovery AG in Mannheim, Germany committed to charity and donates a handsome amount in local, social institutions. Board of Directors Frank Schmitz the Forderverein children Hospice star medals e.V. presented a donation cheque in the amount of 10,000 euros on November 12, 2009. Syscovery AG hereby makes a statement: in uncertain times, money must flow effectively, in all the right places. This has been omitted in this year on the usual customer gifts.

Persists is the annual fundraising campaign for children’s homes in Mannheim. A total of 400 advent calendar have gone on four facilities for children. 2009 was for companies, as well as social dedicated facilities, a difficult year. But ultimately, a positive result could produce syscovery over all parts of the company across. Accordingly, want syscovery its tradition of social involvement remain faithful and this exacerbated this year. For the Mannheim company it was clear, that she have a local Support creation of. Our customers come from all over the world, but we have our roots in the Rhine-Neckar region. We want to know we donate our money to whom.

It is used in the star talers in place”, so Frank Schmitz, CEO of syscovery AG. The children’s Hospice Sterntaler helps disabilities and terminally ill children as well as their parents and siblings on the hard way. It offers the ability to pull back alone and the time together to exploit those affected. You reach the Forderverein children Hospice star medals e.V. at: background information syscovery: Syscovery is successful IT service provider in the region and was able to increase his earnings in 2009. The positive business result owes syscovery especially the long-term and sustainable thinking attitude. Thus sees syscovery not only your customers, but above all your employees as a success factor. Therefore syscovery also performing a Christmas ceremony decided, also on a smaller scale.


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