Sniper Rifle Battle

September 20th, 2015 Posted in News

In the battles of Kursk and Orel distinguished tankistki EA Petlyuk, T. Potanin, VP Bezrukov, OD Parshonok-Sotnikov, A. et al Samusenko Tankistka 231-th Tank Regiment Olga Parshonok breakthrough on the instructions of command, risking their lives, three scouts were transported across the front line. Once on the tank, the other – a car that when you return from a mission and the Germans knocked out burned. For the third time this dangerous voyage was made on her armored vehicle. In the battle for Kiev a driver Catherine Petlyuk thrice drove his tank into the attack and destroyed more than 400 Germans.

And when her tank was hit, fearless tankistka jumped out of the tank and a gun shot three more Nazis. In the battle of Vera Bezrukova Baranovichi tank fell into the swamp. The Nazis decided to capture him, drove tractor. But as soon as they pulled the tank, started the engine and Bezrukov tractor was towed her car. With him and she came to his unit. For this brave tankistka was awarded the Order of the Red Banner. Nina P. Petrov – Sniper Rifle 1st Battalion 284th Infantry Regiment of the 86th Tartu Infantry Division, the foreman – a full Commander of the Order of Glory (during the Great Patriotic War, only four women have been awarded this highest rank).

When the war began, from Leningrad Petrova was already 48. In this age on the front did not take. But after a few days, thin, short woman with a rifle standing in battle formation militia divisions of Leningrad.

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