Sherlock Holmes

March 31st, 2013 Posted in News

-Internet companies that use this method for both the quality of its services as its most direct competitors. Hosting, Adsl, etc using these techniques has a single goal: the constant improvement of the quality and the full commitment to the satisfaction of its customers. Another factor to take into account in the implementation of these measures is the regularity. The results are achieved with a constant measurement and a training, information and policy improvements that must be applied continuously. The suggestion is definitely valid Victor Manuel Quijano, if you want to improve the service to its customers, nothing like taking his place.

Use the gabardine of Sherlock Holmes and find out how to treat buyers in your company. Most entrepreneurs are convinced of the importance of serving its customers well and have a genuine interest in improving the service that provide them; However, when designing actions to improve its care, found a conflict: don’t know where to start. The first suggestion is to measure service evaluate the quality offered to consumers. This, for two reasons: if not measured, can hardly be improved (so they say great quality and management gurus). To identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company. Often small entrepreneurs trying to serve customers well but often don’t know exactly what they do well and what they do wrong.

Probably what you believe that you captive to their customers, they do not even care. What you do and they love to their buyers, perhaps more obey the instinct that a planned process. If what you want is to create a controlled and reproducible, system that guarantees satisfaction and, therefore, the loyalty of your clientele, you have to begin to measure the quality of service afforded.


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