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January 25th, 2014 Posted in News

In this article I will try to explain the main stages of marine container transport and dispel some myths floating in the subject. As a basis we take the ports of Odessa and Ilyichevsk as the most technically suited. So what? You decided to deliver the goods from China. If the weight of the load is greater than one ton, the only way of delivery is containerized. Where did it all begin? You should contact a company that is engaged in container freight and full support of the load, which you must provide the freight rates on the date and time codes.

For example in the month of September rate of the main ports of China to Odessa in 1490 amounts to USD for-20 and cu in 2810 40-ku. Rates vary a lot and turning in a month people often wonder why so much prices rose? Sometimes it's hard to explain that in March 2009, our company offered to transport the container for $ 340 from Shanghai. Now freight goes up, and I think in the near future rate reductions are expected. Also, you should pay attention to the number of days free from 'demmyuredzha' (free from the penalty for simple time of arrival) and transit time (time delivery to the port of destination). The average number of free days is 10 days, but there are options for Exclusive, for example 21 free day at the lowest price for freight. This is what we now really can offer customers. There are two versions of the freight container 'prepaid' and 'collect in'.

The first provides for 100% payment, the second – on the fact of payment arrival. The price of these two options are no different, so I think the most appropriate second choice. After container to the port of arrival, you must pay the freight to the freight forwarder company initialed outfit and proceeded to the design load. There is such a thing as THC – cargo handling. In Ukraine, these services ports are very expensive, for 20 '- $ 350 for 40' – $ 450. For comparison, in China – $ 90-130, in some European countries and even less. Further events again, perhaps in two scenarios. First – if the cargo customs for you, then you disburse all invoices and payments to Customs yourself as soon as you need it. The second is when the product is made for the company, the freight forwarder. In this case, you pass a bill of lading, and nothing to worry receive the goods in their stock. Payment after the fact to obtain the goods. Myth number 1. Chartered container in China is cheaper than us. This is not true. Maybe she will rate and cheaper, but money transfer + commission to the broker and the price is equalized. Rate can not strongly different, because the line here and there the same. Myth number 2. Freight must be paid prior to shipment. It is not. You may well use the option 'freght collect in', which provides for the payment after the arrival of the container to the port. Myth number 3. Customs clearance takes place according to the price in the invoice. No customs clearance takes place in accordance with the indicative prices of the customs database. Have a price in the invoice at least two times less than the real, the product will not be issued and customs does not give good without the minimum permissible price category.

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