Secrets Of Japanese Quality

August 18th, 2015 Posted in News

Many faced with the notion of "Japanese quality", but few are as profound meaning of these words are! Need to expand it by words such as comfort, practicality, beauty, ergonomics, environmental friendliness, a high level of organization of production, labor discipline, quality control during production, storage, transportation, established business traditions, deep and accurate understanding of human needs and maximizing their satisfaction. I witnessed how a Japanese concept of quality in the manufacture of front panels Nichiha. The first stage – the entrance control of raw materials and their preparation manufacturing process. This control gives confidence in the absence of hidden defects, such as the empty cavity, or non-uniform density, which can then lead to cracking, tearing the material during production, handling, transportation and installation. Here it should be noted control over the condition of equipment and forms that will be involved in the production process. At the slightest deviation from the norm, the details are subject to repair or replacement. Due to the high production organization, this process occurs very quickly. The Japanese clearly understand that the process is idle – is not just a loss for the company, but for all its employees, agents and clients. Each employee is aware of these negative effects and does everything in his power, which would reduce the period of repair or replacement. The second phase – monitoring the quality of performance at each level of the production process: mixing components, testing the homogeneity of the mass, its amount in the form of pressure presses, temperature and humidity in an autoclave, where the process of hardening mass.


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