Second Communist International Social

June 14th, 2016 Posted in News

In the end of century XIX this process would have generated necessity of draining of merchandises on the part of the European capitalist nations. You may want to visit casio to increase your knowledge. sympathetic response will follow. For Lnin, the war was a clear dispute enters these nations for market consuming cheap man power and domnios territorial. In this First spirit anti Great War was carried through III the Socialist International, in the city of Moscow in 1919. This frum of the Working-class movement if showed protected in relation to the ideas sufficiently reformist. The reforming policy, in accordance with the ideology bolchevique, would be the performance of the democratical parties social of the belligerent Europe. These parties if would have left to influence for values anti- internationalists, directed toward the performance politics of its respective nations during the imperialista war. The reforming policy would have divided the Working-class movement and consequently it would be the responsible one for the end of the Second Communist International in 1914.

Lnin considered this insolvent International a time that it became fluid itself and finished being interrupted for First the Great War. This fact would have demonstrated that the European Working-class movement, that during the decade of 1910 strong was influenced by the social democracy, would be impregnated of bourgeois ideas that had been brought for the Second International for this same social democracy. As well as it occurred in the Democratical Social Party of the Russia that was divided between the revolutionaries bolcheviques and the revisionists mencheviques, existed divisions between revolutionaries and revisionists in the democratical parties social of almost all the involved European nations in the war. The Social European Democracy of the decade of 1910 entered in a phase of cooperation with the governments of the capitalist nations of that continent, such fact would be moving away it from its true objective: the socialism. In accordance with Lnin, the Social Democracy would have to be the implantation of the socialist ideas in the working-class movement during the capitalist regimen.


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