Sainsburys Basics

February 13th, 2014 Posted in News

But perhaps a few more boring snacks since don’t offer me flavors of fantasy such as chili, cheese and onion, barbecue, or prawn cocktail. After this pleasant excursion for this selva-supermercado with dangers lurking as fun tags prompting me to buy what you don’t need, I turn to the box with my cart full. Of all the products that I have been exposing I’ve made a choice, it is not the most expensive, nor the most cheapest, is that I think best in value for money. -My choice: half a dozen eggs Sainsburys Basics 0.89 lbs bag of 2, 5 kg of potatoes Sainsburys Basics 0.99 lbs if let us take by, sometimes misleading, more expensive relationship means more flavor and quality, I would be buying a few products of questionable properties. I commend to the destination and thinking that another urban legend that has more real than legend and says that MDD products are the same as the known brands.

I also hope my culinary arts and think to get an omelette good has more than a few good eggs good hands. I choose Sainsburys 2.09 pounds olive oil. The flavor that provides the tortilla with olive oil is very necessary so that you actually know a Spanish omelet. 2 bottles of 2 liters of the genuine Coca-cola, 3.38 lbs. I have already explained what I think tails Snacks: a tube of Pringels exotic flavor 1.99 pounds and a Pack of six bags of potato chips Sainsburys to 0.99 lbs.

Thus there is variety. My choice would cost me 10,33 12.40. -The most expensive choice: half a dozen eggs Mabel Pearmans 1.95 pounds 2 boxes of already cooked potatoes 4 pounds Belazu extra virgin olive oil, 6.09 pounds Coca-cola or Pepsi 2 bottles of 2 liters 3.38 lbs 2-tube of Pringels, 3.98 pounds the choice more face would cost 19,40, 23,28. -The cheapest choice: half a dozen eggs Sainsburys Basics 0.89 lb bag of potatoes for 2, 5 kg Sainsburys Basics 0.99 lbs vegetable oil Sainsburys 1.09 pounds 2 bottles of 2 liters of cola Sainsburys 0.34 pounds 2 packs of 6 bags of potato chips Sainsburys 1.98 pounds cheaper choice, as you can see, only carrying million dollars It costs 5.29 pounds, 6.35. With my choice saving me 10.88 on the more expensive choice, which means that you could practically make my purchase twice. But on the other hand, more than the cheapest choice 6.05 am paying almost double what this last slope! But, preparing for what comes, with the cheapest choice he would be saving me 16.93 on the most expensive. With what it costs me the face list I can buy more than three times and average the cheapest list. Surprising isn’t it? As we have seen, it really saves with the MDD. Only I would be remiss to do a blind tasting session to see which of the three elections like most consumer.

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