Sage Wisdom

February 7th, 2014 Posted in News

The hermit HERMIT is the guardian of time. It is the Sage who provides wisdom and truth achieved in the eternity of the knowledge of the past.Right: The immediate interpretation of the hermit is the wisdom, prudence and the pursuit of knowledge, a letter as this is bleak as indication that the path of knowledge is good provided it is not erratic, IE that we let us direct our steps by the right place.In some cases it presents a loss also lack of direction, perhaps due to the connotations of loneliness that shows the arcane, the lust for loneliness hides fear of reality. This letter shows a tendency to conform with their knowledge, without intending to use this knowledge for something positive, something practical.Key words: advance the Pilgrim prudence, wisdom, patience, silence, spiritual, divine inspiration, circumspection. Withdrawal from the world, loneliness. Pilgrimage.

You can be a teacher. The realization of a balance and progress.Inverted: Tendency to the thoughtlessness to recklessness, greed, certain Misanthropy, the hermit in reverse potion shows addition immaturity, a self-confidence same unjustified can only bring failures.Words clave:inmadurez, vices, darkness, stubbornness, betrayal, deception. Misanthropy, misogyny, celibacy. Excessively shy and antisocial person. Hidden enemies. Prudence that left over or missing.Interpretations: In concrete terms: prudence and discretion. Receive the wisdom from above involves applying for instruction of a specialist in the required field.At work: it is recommended not to take decisions or initiatives in this period.Money: there are economic austerity, but not covets more.In friendship: greater rapport in relations and mental collaboration.Family: the State is absent even in presence of their loved ones.Health: take care of the lower extremities.In love: estrangement from a relationship that is experienced as difficult.


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