Progress Of A Company

August 22nd, 2016 Posted in News

Decades ago, the progress of the companies was based on the services offered customers the fundamentals were basically the speed of customer service and saves both the customer with your services, without taking into account the capacity of employees. now these two aspects are still valid but new elements are added to the prosperity of the new companies, looking for talent within your own business by developing the intellectual capital of workers, this is achieved with a new culture of work where the worker is included as a person active in the development of the company making the company involved, raise the concern of the individual who is not a simple machine that complies with a process but take it beyond what it does encourage it to personal development and the benefits it brings them, above the individual characteristics was not the person in the company thinking that while doing his day’s work and so far, but new companies are realizing the urgency of developing their employees and their concern for the benefit of including them as people who can really develop intellectual capital and bring great benefits to companies, initially include a new culture in the work areas has an economic cost can be high but implemented the new culture of development, new businesses will have the return on their investment with high degrees of competitiveness in the global standards for high quality in services, care of the environment and the great development of their workers. Some companies are betting the personal development of its workers are BIMBO, Yakult, MICROSOFT, TELMEX, CFE and are already feeling the benefits of not only workers but rather to have partners in their a culture that is difficult to implement but already done the same workers to inculcate a new culture by individuals who are entering these companies. any change requires effort and commitment by the companies and their workers, all change creates factors different results but this 100% proven that this new business system will be highly satisfactory profits for the company and its employees.


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