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That it is?Or it often happens that the weight problem is very specific. It’s mild obese subjects, seeking a rapid thinning, for reasons: sports (when should stick to a weight to respond to a specific category: yudocas, boxers, wrestlers, divers); Professionals (dancers, models, jockeys, actors); Social (gala dinners); Economic and Wardrobe (clothing that has been too narrow). When the reason for the desire to lose weight is founded, before leaving the subject to commit Follies, run useless risks of depletion of its water deposits (diuretics, saunas) or is subject to a radical and harmful diet for your psychosomatic balance, should be invoked for two or three days, low vitamin and mineral coverage (green beans), a contribution of 1.5 g of protein/kg. at the usual time of meals, with a minimum of half a liter of water at every meal. Thinning thus obtained is solely based on fat mass and does not attack the nitrogenous capital. To follow this method, since no current food is strictly protein, should use already prepared dietary foods which provide only proteins of high biological value, which guarantees the real effectiveness in the short term. However, these treatments, even if they are of short duration and do not present inconveniences, not be repeated too often. The Association diet is not based on limiting the amount of food, but in their distribution within 24 hours of the day.

Breakfast can be free or only fruit and lunch at noon is a food hiperglucidica which allow consumption to will of bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, starchy, sugar and vegetables, excluding fully hiperproteicos as meat, fish, eggs, milk and cheese food. Hyperproteic dinner, should be exactly the opposite, i.e. they are allowed in her willingness to meat, fish, eggs, milk and totally banned carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, starchy, sugar and vegetables. Is strictly forbidden to reverse the order, i.e. eat for breakfast which is allowed for food and vice versa: A dinner rich in carbohydrates is harmful to good liver functionality, can contribute to increase the values of cholesterol, fatty acids and lipemia, may hinder the night rest and be responsible for small morning achesA Pasty mouth, dirty tongue, bad breath, headache and tiredness. When it is UtilYa have said that the Association diet offers no guarantees with regard to an eventual recovery of weight, to the extent that this diet is distributive, not quantitative, it is say imposes a distribution of food throughout the day, but leaves freedom in terms of quantity. The Association diet is very useful especially for those who tend to eat away from home.Without finding difficulties and without arousing comment or curiosity, at noon can be ordered first dish pasta or rice and second a generous plate of salad with a little oil; by night, first, a generous plate of mixed salad flavored with a little oil and, second, meat or fish and eggs or cheese. Dissociated diet, followed with precision, can offer satisfactory results: those who must maintain the weight they can not win it and those who have failed with other diets can slim in reason about 70-80 g per day, i.e. about 2.5 kg. a month.

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