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July 11th, 2013 Posted in News

The signing of Roberto by Zaragoza, which owe 134 million through an investment fund yesterday unleashed a new earthquake in football. The Portuguese stock exchange suspended the quotation of Benfica, club of origin of the goalkeeper, to request more information about a transfer amounting to 8.6 million. The Lisbon institution stated that the Aragonese has paid only 86,000 euros, equivalent to the cost of your Federal tab. The rest? A society of law Spanish located at a higher level than the Zaragoza, according to Benfica. An operation that deserved rejection of the Professional Football League, which decided not to accede to the Convention of creditors of the Zaragoza to disagree with the way of the club, which owes to the employer’s 1.6 million. Template, concentrated in England, asked explanations to the maximum shareholder Agapito Iglesias. In late may, the debt with the players was 14.489.630 euros. Source of the news:: El Zaragoza admits that its owner is involved in the Fund for signings

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