Planning Vision

December 8th, 2012 Posted in News

As Matus Planejar is who has capacity to decide and the responsibility to lead, to execute the planned actions, with doniedade and coherence. One understands that who plans is who has commitment with project and when it is planned if it makes a calculation of (of) the situation (you are) that, it considers multiples scarce resources, that is, the inclementao possibility. Moreover, the planning mentions the gift to it and not to a drawing on the future. In the Matus truth it emphasizes the necessity of ‘ ‘ simular’ ‘ for the future poblema on which we plan, today to make possible thus a rational decision in the gift. The risk not to think about the future is of that it expresses the inefficacy of the decision that volume today. However the planning assumes a complex situacional calculation, that goes to precede and to preside over the concrete action. In this situacional planning, the actor analyzes the reality of inside of the situation.

Thus, the also multiple explanation and considers inside of itself, dimensions of reality and possibilities, the economy, the politics, the ideology etc. we cannot forget that the planning if relates to the chance and the real problems, situations that it requires resulted positive. What it is problem for an actor can be chance for another one. We are not alone in the social game. Therefore, it is very important to not only explain the reality as it perceives it to actor, but so that it tries to understand explanations of other actors, also different of its. For Matus, ‘ ‘ what it interests is that its explanation is the one moves that it to have a distinct plan of mine, and it takes it the action that me obstaculiza’ ‘. Without a doubt, the planning is non-separable of the management, is a form of organization for the action.


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