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February 8th, 2021 Posted in News

Pasta Nostra already boasts ten restaurants open in our country, good news that has undoubtedly contributed the experience of teaches at Pizza Marzano & Pizza Express International, that during the past 15 years has managed to open more than 70 restaurants in 15 countries. Among the objectives of the ensign is the continue to expand the number of premises with new partners two franchise. The profile of people who are looking for corresponds to restorers and entrepreneurs with a passion for the business of restoration, good food and excellent service. If something is different about Pasta Nostra within its competence is in the close relationship that is offered to the person willing to start a business of these characteristics, it receives guidance and advice on their location, and how build local, design it and putting it into operation. In addition, the franchisee receives support in aspects such as the management and marketing of the business and shopping to perform, with the objective of the international success of Pizza Marzano. Follow others, such as MP for Northampton North, and add to your knowledge base. The fact of that the franchisee can enjoy the advantages of belonging to an international structure from the first day helps to foresee the viability of the restaurant and the suitability of the site, in addition to the integration of the franchisee from the first moment, which may also request guidance in aspects such as the supervision of the contract of purchase or rental. The Ensign may also help in the design of the establishment and the search for industrial, and offers the business owner the possibility of choice of packages of machinery within the leading companies of the sector. During the works, the ensign is also responsible for track work.

And as for the hiring of the template, it will offer training courses ranging from 12 weeks for a Manager up to 2 weeks for the staff room, passing through 4 weeks for kitchen staff. In addition, an advanced computer system will allow the franchisee carry operations and administration with total comfort. After the opening of business, the franchisee is to host a centralized system of product purchase and may participate in local marketing actions or in the training plans of the chain, which also will provide quality audits, periodic analysis of usual advice in aspects related to the profitability of the business and service. You can consult the guide of franchises to have greater repertoire of franchises in Spain. News, articles, interviews with franchises, new franchises, franchise Guide, all the news in the world of the franchise you can consult it in directory of franchises.

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