Physical Planning

May 20th, 2016 Posted in News

The physical planning of a UAN is important in such a way in the economic question, as in the functionality of the kitchen, therefore it prevents unnecessary crossings of foodstuffs and employee; me the equipment use or the lack of the same ones limiting the cardpio; dispossessed localization; same the rise of the costs (TEIXEIRA et al., 2004). Thus, the present work objectified to check the infrastructure conditions, hygienical-sanitary and to carry through a comparative evaluation, enters two located supplying companies of feeding in the Macap-AP city. 2 MATERIAL AND METHODS the research were carried through in two UAN? s, type concessionaire, situated in the city of Macap-AP, and for ethical aspects, had been nominated UAN and UAN B, both situated ones in the center of the city, which daily produce and supply around a thousand meals each one, for two public hospitals of the City. These meals are destined to the patients, companions employees of these hospitals and are distributed in six daily meals: desjejum, light meal, lunch, snack II, supper and supper. If you would like to know more about Harry Kane, then click here. The data had been collected during one week in each company, in the month of September of 2009.

The used instrument was the Fiche of Inspeo or Check-list*, for feeding services, which consist of 125 item. In this context, the ANVISA praises three groups of classification: I with more than 76% of adequate item; group II, with 51% 75% of the adequate item; group III, less than 50% of attendance of the adequate item. Being necessary to stand out that the more item in compliance with the UANs to present, minor will be the risk of contamination of foods. After verification with Check-list, the data had been tabulated through the program. This article was based on Work of Conclusion of Course presented to the Seama College for attainment of the bacharelado degree of in nutrition, in the year of 2009, being approved for the Committee of Ethics and Research of the same one.


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