Of Wembley To Wembley, The History Of The 4 Champions

June 16th, 2016 Posted in News

Alex Herrera 20m the Bara adds its fourth title in the maximum competition after six end. In the old Wembley it secured his first title and, in the new one, the last one. Messi, ' rey' of the end and goleador maximum of Champions League. Wembley, a memorable place to enlarge history. A double unique and vital stage in the trajectory of the FC Barcelona, in the maximum European competition, in which &#039 was obtained his first; orejona' there for 1992 and to that it has returned 19 years later to close the circle, after dominating themselves Manchester United by 3-1. The hero of that one mythical 20 of May was Koeman. Read more from Jon S. Speelman to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

A remote-control howitzer in the prorogation before the Sampdoria abri the footpath to the glory, after six seasons of nostalgia after falling in penaltis in his first end before the Steaua of Bucharest. It supposed the consecration of the model of Cruyff and his ' Dream Team' , and with Guardiola in the field, like surpassed student. Everything in the last developed encounter that lodged the original stage to take step to a new era. Two years later, the Dutch technician returned to place to his equipment in the end of Athens, before Milan de Capello. Third end and second blow, this time when running into of you brush with the reality with a 4-0 built by Massaro (2), Savicevic and Desailly. The principle of the aim of the model, at least in Europe. And the emptiness became. The sport and institutional instabilities won the following decade in which the old continent only recognized Milan, Marseilles, Ajax, Juventus, Borussia Dortmund, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Oporto or Liverpool.

It was necessary to wait for season 2005/2006, with Rijkaard in the bench, to return to perceive that to back resurge in the good game and the recovery from the lost essence years. Everything happened in Paris, in the Stage of France, where Xavi exerted of motor, with Ronaldinho of star and Eto' or and Belletti like executors. ' Pep-evolucin' And the era Guardiola arrived. Supporting winner of the first and continuing one of both technicians who located to the club in highest. He evolved system took and it to its maximum expression with Xavi like unquestionable leader, a brutal remodeling with quarry and Messi and Iniesta like players of another planet. In Rome, the 2009, Eto' or and the Argentinean materialized first of Pep in the bench, falling down to Manchester United de Cristiano Ronaldo and letting to the Bara in disposition make history with the six possible titles in a year. Everything to stone shot, something that would be obtained. And the life gave back to Wembley to scene, after its washing of face, to see Abidal raise the fourth title: Pedro, Messi and propped up it to Villa (3-1). Memorable site to contemplate the nth review of the Bara, an equipment superior that gives a perfect soccer. Source of the news: Of Wembley to Wembley, the history of the 4 Champions


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