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April 5th, 2016 Posted in News

What is the life advice through Tarot? There are always issues, where the spirits leave. These include of course the politics, religion, and sports. Here are 3 people meet to discuss, then also 3 opinions are at the end. “Similar fare the fortune-telling and the clairvoyance by Cartomancy: one side is convinced that it is mumbo jumbo”, if someone claims to be able to predict the future with Tarot or Lenormand cards, the other side is convinced that more knowledge about the own person is in the cards, as we really can imagine it. It is someone who doesn’t believe, to convince, to want to convince that the fortune tellers and psychics nothing further behind as a compassionate and sensitive human being, which can place himself very well in the other person as someone who believes the cards at least as difficult.

The fact is that the divination and clairvoyance Tarot reader and also the horoscope for thousands practiced by years and more than just a well-known personality in the history of mankind that relied on the wisdom of the cards. The French revolution leader Robespierre (1758-1794) read by Marie-Anne Adelaide Lenormand laying cards, Czar Nicholas II. (1868-1918) relied on the forces of Rasputin (1869-1916), to heal his son and even the President of the United States of America consult a soothsayer in decisions traditionally. Life coaching, divination and clairvoyance in the Internet certainly can on this subject and that for and again the delve and fortune telling are long discussed. But who is running not a shower over the back when he hears the name of Nostradamus, the Oracle at Delphi or also the eponym of the Marie-Anne Adelaide Lenormand cards? The fact is that the Tarot, the fortune-telling or even the horoscope of the week are integral parts in the lives of many people. Who in the right”live no opportunity has become a fortune teller / a Fortune teller to go uses an esoteric portal in the net, to get evidence there, what life has in store. Certainly there are in particular on the Web many black sheep”, who are only trying, the credulous people, to pull the money out of your pocket. Therefore the platform and as the soothsayer which is expected should be selected assistance to offer, careful with.

Who is skeptical, which can often the opportunity on an esoteric portal for a first Gratisgesprach, to convince himself even by the skill of the fortune tellers and psychics who use Tarot, Lenormand cards and other tools. Why SoothSayer can predict the winning lottery numbers, should each be clear: the balls used for the Lotto game is inanimate matter, which emit of course no vibrations, which can be interpreted… Who now wonders how Fortune telling through the Internet or the phone can function, which should bear in mind that clairvoyance and divination with the It has to do vibrations and the aura of the people which find their way through the electronic lines like much else. Because there is more between heaven and Earth, how we can really imagine.

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