Money Flow

October 13th, 2015 Posted in News

"Cash is King." The Barons of Private Equity that made its slogan, this expression may find it difficult to sleep these days, anyway is an expression still very present today. Especially now that it's really hard every negotiation where points are on the table as the renegotiation of a loan or improve their conditions. It is for this reason that the smallest amount of money out of your business becomes the most important task. This article will comment on some of the key aspects in controlling the entry and exit of money from our company, which now openly called "the cash flow." Reduced recovery periods. The banks have today are already sufficient as the sole source of funding, we are beginning to see the clear need to better manage our capital outflows from the company. Customers are therefore an important source of resources to get out more points to improve our cash-flow. He thinks if what you offer is a long-term service maybe you can improve your payment terms with customers or through interim payments. Discounts for prompt payment is are one of the best solutions-much easier to try to collect unpaid documents. Also keep in mind that if your product is crucial for the development of the activity of your customers are you that you are in the advantageous position. In any case our advice is to always start to address these issues with your best customers and they are the ones that best understand your needs and we'll be easier to reach an agreement with them.


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