Mexican Soccer Federation

August 1st, 2013 Posted in News

The football level in our country currently which in my opinion is derived from a big problem between the quality of spectacle that gives the amateur and the large amount of money that is paid on average players is unfortunate. Mexico is the League that better paid in the Mainland American, but the third (according to FIFA) in terms of the football level. That’s why fans we get to thinking, is the structure of the Mexican soccer blame for the poor performance, both local clubs level selection.? Where this that country which was seeded in the last world Germany 2006? What do they expect the managers or the Mexican Soccer Federation to make decisions and act to raise the level and the sporting quality of the selections?It must be understood that currently on the football stage, Mexico does not have a specific international weight, not transcends style and when complicated games you are presented does not have the necessary elements to deal with them. We have lived in the illusion with false hopes for a long time and is something Mexicans we are getting used to it. For this reason, I think that the mere fact of modifying the structure of Mexican Football eliminating the system of groups, exist only the general table, continuing the rule of under 21 years of age, by modifying the liguilla, being positioned top four those who qualify to this and creating a single tournament, would be an important step to ensure our Mexican football more organized andas a result, could generate better quality players, improving also the spectacle for the amateur. We have to admit that this type of structure has given good results in other countries, being the Premier League of England, Serie A in Italy and the League of Spain, the major leagues around the world. So I ask the fans, managers and players: do we want to continue living in that world unreal, false, feeling us Kings of the universe without even having won any relevant title, and follow be even away from the best? Original author and source of the article

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