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September 20th, 2013 Posted in News

Mendoza has places of incredible natural beauty, reason why it appears every time with more force like an election of quality for the tourism worldwide. Therefore year to year new hotels in Mendoza are abren that they look for to capture the increasing flow of visitors that arrives at the region. There is much to see and to do in Mendoza, and for it he is not oblogatorio to move very far from the mendocina capital, including arriving outdoors at ideal sites for the activities and the tourism ventures. To only 60 km of Mendoza, towards the Southeast, we discovered a magnificent water mirror: the Reedbed. It is an artificial lake product of the dam the Reedbed, that receives waters of the Tunuyn river, regulating of very good forms its volume and destining the vital element to the barren surrounding regions.

This lake measures 15 km to wide it and 4 km in length, extensively apt in order to allow the practice of a great amount of activities. The sport fishing is one of the most popular sports. In the region one is the Club of Fishing and Nautical Rivadavia, that offers all the support to the local fishermen at the same time as it controls that the strict dispositions are fulfilled that try to conserve the ictcola population in an acceptable level. In this water the king is the pejerrey, and is one of the coveted prey more, although also it is possible to obtain tarariras and carps of good bearing. Windsurf and navigation to candle is one of the viable practices but in these beautiful waters. Also diving can be practiced, which allows to appreciate the enormous biodiversity of the region. This place is an incredible oasis, with ideal beaches to enjoy the fantastic local microclimate.

In the summer season thousands of visitors they are concentrated in its coasts of smooth declivity to enjoy jetsky, the funnier water motorcycles and other variants to see the view of the beach from the lake, like the banana or biciflot, a species of floating bicycles with pedal propulsion. The possibilities of lodging in Mendoza in the zone of the Reedbed are very great. Thus, it is possible to find hotels of good category, like also campings or rural lodgings, these last with the possibility of enjoying the rustic activities like the cavalcades or trekking, by some of the many corners that in the margins of the water mirror hoard for the visitors. Hotels of Mendoza to know the department San Martin? Excursions in Mendoza – pure adrenalin Articles? Lodging in Mendoza, Tunuyn Articles

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