June 13th, 2016 Posted in News

Oie! I am the Thiago, thigo for the close I go to a bit count of my life pra vcs now! Work in the center of the capital, I am trainee in a multinational company you in my first year of administration haha! But I am not much thing back in the company not. I am archivist while me it does not appear nothing better I go living the day. My life is agitated, cinema taste, does not leave to pass one week without attending a film. But if I to think well, music am my life! He has a contrast between the two arts, in the films I I travel, desiring to live what I attend, in musics meeting the peace! A so good peace that to the times alone the introduction of music leaves already me in the heights disconnect, me of everything! Therefore thus I go living, between a film and a song step the days, waiting, living I have a boyfriend! Yes Jnior the name of it better, the last name n? But as I call drinks does not have nor importance the first name of it we are together 6 years already, you unite we live together has one 3 years! It knows, lately has happened some strange things with me I have had many nightmares lately. To the times these nightmares seem to be so real that they take off me the breath! Another day I thought that it had dreamed of something that happened immediately afterwards God, who this is not truth! I dreamed of the Jnior another time, and of this time everything happened as it had dreamed, asked for it, insisted it who did not make what he was for happening. But it made left me to this pirado, was lost What this happening with me? It is the third time in this week that happens this to me.


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