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June 1st, 2014 Posted in News

First aid for establishing a legitimate imprint. How to write a legal notice. An imprint is to set the Internet users about the relevant information of the page operator in knowledge. Differing requirements can arise for various page operation. Therefore, an imprint is to create carefully. This applies all the more because competitors can warn an incorrect imprint of another for a fee. Therefore legal advice should be sought in special cases. As a first guide you can follow the following check list: 1 the provider name, legal form and authorized 2.

address of operation 3. communication data: phone, fax, email address 4 Court of registration and registration number 5. VAT number or business number 6. Jouranlistisch editorial content the name and address of content responsible 7 regulator 8 capital if incompletely paid 9 professional liability insurance with address and scope to the conclusion must make sure that an imprint of each page the website is accessible within two clicks. Paradigm for a sole proprietorship: pattern name pattern surname pattern 1 1234 model city phone: 123456789 fax: 123456789 E-Mail: VAT identification number according 27a UStG: DE 123456789 paradigm for a society of civil law (GbR): pattern woman and Kenny GbR 123 example Street 12345 sample city Managing Director: woman peace pattern woman, Mr Michael Smith phone: 123456789 fax: 123456789 email:-sales tax identification number according 27a UStG: DE 123456789 responsible for content according to 55 II RStV: Peace pattern woman (address s. o.) Example of a company with limited liability (GmbH): example GmbH sample road 123 12345 sample Wallace of Chief Executive Officer: Michael Smith further Managing Director: Steffen Secundo, Teresa Tertio phone: 123 456789 fax: 123 45678-10 email: register Court: Amtsgericht example Hausen Register number: HRB 12345 VAT identification number 27a UStG: DE 123456789 responsible for content according to 55 II RStV: Michael Smith (address s. o.) This article was written by lawyer Alan Kashlan (LL.M.). ( firm specializing in Internet law and construction law)

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