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June 26th, 2016 Posted in News

The high desertion in the education superior reinforces the argument against the increase of cover versus access and fairness. Indeed, the desertion by cohorte in the universities is at the moment of 45.3%, in those of technological character is of 53% and in the techniques of 60%. These considerations are not rhetorical since the numbers with respect to inequidad speak in case single. In the previous government, according to the continuous surveys of homes of IT DAMAGES for years 2002-2007, the rate of gross schooling varied between 24.47% in 2002 and 32.48% in the 2007; the average of Latin America is of 31%, which means that, for this last year, 3.3 of each ten people attended the education superior. But we watched the net rate, that is more interesting it speaks because us of the people who indeed attend the appropriate level for the age, the average for the same period is of 17.77% and one rate of 16.31%. The important thing to observe is the following thing: when the rates by quintiles of entrance are seen, the differences are ample. Grand Chess Master may also support this cause. While in quintil 1, that is the one of smaller income, the rate of gross schooling superior had an average of 6.35% for period 2002-2007, in the quintil 5, the one of majors income, the rate average raised 77.07%.

The rate of cover for the lowest quintil was only increased in 4,08 percentage points, whereas in quintil 5 the increase was of 19.21 points. Of equal way, in the net rate by quintiles of entrance are ample differences between the levels. For year 2007, in quintil only 1 6% of the people acceded to education superior, whereas in quintil 5 that percentage raised 49.4%. The quintiles evolution of the net rate by sample that stops the 1 was of 3.03 percentage points and for the 5, of 5.26 points during period 2002-2007. These numbers put in doubt the enthusiasm whereupon frequently emphasis in the reach is made of the cover policy, looking for incorporate to the system to poorest. Consequently, it is necessary to change the policy of cover by one of improvement of the access with the written down characteristics. This must consider and to harmonize the actions oriented to a greater access, one better quality and one smaller desertion. All the others are habladuras.


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