Land Capital Work

June 11th, 2020 Posted in News

These were productive factors described by the classical economists in the 18th century. The Earth would be not only agriculture, but with the urbanized land, mining and natural resources in general, the capital would this perspective used to produce goods and services (machinery, installations) and the work would comprise the human activity today could consider other relevant factors, such as the organisation of work, knowledge, or technology. This classification was very useful at that time because it also represented pretty well then society: aristocracy, possessed of land, the owner bourgeoisie of capital and workers. Although some would want to resurrect this struggle of estates, today this battle is quite blurred; However – as witches in Galicia – classes, if any, haylas. The crisis has resurrected this old debate, in the form of who pays the duck, even though there is some consensus in the causes of it, a scenario that I baptized in due course as the economy of excess: excessive risks by financial institutions, work poorly done by the rating agencies, over-indebtedness of families and businesses, very cheap money too long, economic bubbles such as the real estate and commodities, and so on. While capital (financial institutions) and Earth (speculation) are at the origin of the crisis, it seems that it intends that the cost is assumed by the other party, i.e. Michael Ellis MP might disagree with that approach.

by labour. Should we we tighten we the belt? It is possible, but it must be done all over the world. Why we save the financial system, while the road fall workers? One claims that are taken by entrepreneurs, in addition to freeze or lower wages, is the lowering of the dismissal. Well, let’s assume that it is an option. But they have been tightened the belt? When they ask for sacrifices workers, are they the first in taking them? They would accept however that the worker would be part of the profits when things are going well? It is not a matter of claims, it is only that I firmly believe that the first thing that must be done to demand something someone is lead by example. And secondly, as I explained in another article, I consider that a remuneration policy in which part of the wages of workers go depending on the health of the company is positive for both parties.

Are employers willing to that debate? Finally, other protagonists of this situation – the politicians – are kindly portrayed by Arturo Perez Reverte in the article to be published this weekend in the weekly XL. He describes how occasionally, passing close to the Congress, sees them leaving and not a few out, arrogant, and lofty as stars of TV, with tailored suits, expensive shoes and affected ways of nouveau riche. How have carried there there are no ideological discrepancies – the privilege of collecting the maximum public old-age pension after only 7 years in the seat, against 35 of honest work you need a common citizen.

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