Jiraiya Sasuke

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Sasuke has also been a fan and Sakura Haruno. That was in love with Naruto. That was another reason to hate. Sasuke Uchiha floor to the team Kakashi-sensei. As you got more and Naruto, and Sakura. Sakura was glad that there was Sasuke.

Naruto was glad that there was Sakura. And Sasuke has always been a do not care. In his mind there was only one thought. This is to avenge his clan Uchiha. Sasuke Uchiha.

Betrayal. Betrayal is in the second season of Naruto Shippuuden. It was the most difficult to Konoha. They attacked the village of sound and sand. But fortunately leaf shinobi could defend their land. But here no loss has not done. Dying in battle the great Third Hokage ninja at the hands of Orochimaru. Following these events in the village for the first time Itachi Uchiha returned with his partner Kisame. He sought dzhinchchurki, rather Uzumaki Naruto. In which sealed the Nine Demon Fox Kyuubi. They both obnarizhivayut Kakashi Kurinay, Mighty Guy and Asuma. And they come in four fight against the two Akatsuki. But for some reason the fight was equal. Despite this they had to retreat. And Kakashi went to the hospital for a long time. Jounin wanted to hide from Sasuke, Itachi returned. Because they knew that Sasuke will go on search for his brother for revenge. Still, they could not conceal from him the news. And Sasuke tugged on the search. And he found them right at the moment when they were ready to kill Naruto. Sasuke for a long time preparing for this meeting. And one isprobyval of his new technique – Chidori. True Itachi Uchiha strayed from this technique is very easy. At that moment Sasuke that he felt the very poor. But thanks to Jiraiya-sama two Akatsuki again had to retreat. After the fight, Sasuke was very much thought about its validity. Orochimaru knew that Sasuke needs strength and decided to take him under his tuition. In exchange for the fact that he would give him her body as a vessel. Well, it certainly does not say Sasuke. And he sent his "Four Sound 'in search of Sasuke Uchiha. They found him, and gave all that he said Orochimaru. Here at Sasuke had a choice. And because he chose, or rather Orochimaru. On the way to Orochimaru, Sasuke doorstep goes to meet Sakura. Which detract from his stay. But the hatred for Sasuke Itachi was stronger than love. Cut down it, he poshol further.

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