International Economic Crisis

May 5th, 2021 Posted in News

A chronology of the important facts in the history of Spain, presented verbally will be made being made an illustration by means of material resources as photos and objects, approaching the subjects of philosophy, sociology, geography and history. Spain it lived deeply a great event that indirectly and directly affected all the world-wide population. We can cite that the Protestant Reformation and the ContrReformation had happened in weight affecting the way to think of all generating what we call Baroque and that of certain form we live deeply until today. We will portray in our presentation the religiosidade of the Spanish people, and all the influence generated for the old generations of this people. The Economy of Spain is the fifth bigger economy of European Union e, still, the eighth greater of the world. The Spanish economy is living an intense financial growth since the Nineties.

This growth, however, is decelerated due to International Economic Crisis of 2008, where the country was one of the most affected. We will show what it was made by the government of Spain so that had this economic asceno in the country. Part IV? Conclusion and Bibliography; We will make a well dynamic work and we will try to the maximum not to leave the public entediado with great texts and display images. As the said aspects they have a linking with the substance seen in classroom, could be interesting to the other pupils the presentation of our group and to the all the ones that will be to witness. We will go to incorporate Spain in our college with the interaction intention, learning and socialization of pupils, showing of easy and practical form the life for the world to the rejection. How we divide our group in research sub-groups, was not portraied all the bibliography to each research carried through for an error of leader us? Night love song, Ana Beatriz and Maria Julia? that we forget to inform to the people who informed the work sources, however believe that all the research had been made in the Internet with main source the Wikipdia.


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