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May 22nd, 2020 Posted in News

Using daily newsletters, products are a large group of prospective customers in a short time. The seller will receive one through the DEALS higher awareness, making them more customers become aware. Because the DEAL can be picked up by the buyer in second life, the seller also benefits from the higher traffic at its location. Also in the remainder of these customers in the second life marketplace store of the dealer also buy more articles. Payment method in the virtual world of second life exists an active economic life. Details can be found by clicking Steve Rowe or emailing the administrator.

The payment for the product via Linden dollars. Xchange4LS currency exchange customers can trade real money for Linden dollars. This can on the one hand by the direct buying and selling of Linden dollars happen, on the other hand using the L$-Exchange. In the stock market, supply and demand determine the price of the Linden dollar. For trading on the stock exchange, users need credits in the form of real money on an account by Xchange4LS.

In Exchange, they can decide whether they want to buy the virtual dollars at the specified rate. If you are not satisfied with this, choose another course, at which they would buy the money. This order lands in a queue until an against job is found with a potential seller who wants to sell Linden dollars at the desired rate. Then the user can make the payout on the avatar. Withdrawals and deposits are possible for the currencies euro, US dollar, British pound and Swiss franc, as well as of course Linden dollars. When a payment via bank transfer or paysafecard the avatar or the user receives the money immediately after receipt of payment. Wire transfers require usually a day or two until they are updated. DEALS on the platform currently offers the platform especially articles in the areas of fashion to. Customers can already equip your avatar with exclusive accessory bargains. On the platform, the same categories can be selected as in the second life marketplace. In particular avatar accessories and products to the avatar appearance should be interesting for customers. Contact for any questions Xchange4DEAL to Xchange4LS is Amanda01 PARX in-world or email see


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