February 26th, 2014 Posted in News

It was common between the Greeks the men to have loving its. The beauty of the worked Athenian bodies, drawn well, retraces to the ideal o of body in our society, where the physical exercise or the act of ' ' malhar' ' it starts to be object of desire of some individuals in the search for the perfect body and the nature of the bodies. This search narrowly is related to the sexuality and the erotismo. The idea that if makes of well worked body beautiful is object of desire of many, but this same idea, today incorporated in given society, passes to be imposed the individuals as condition of social insertion and thus &#039 is perceived; ' body malhado' ' , that is, lean, healthful, with well delineated well developed muscles and as a social fact. The fact is distinguished of does not display plus our naked bodies as the Greeks of the antiquity, but yes we display our bodies, &#039 transformed, seductive; ' malhados' ' , exactly underneath of one it dresses, or bath clothes. Synonymous of aesthetic and beauty this related to the body ' ' threshed and transformado' ' this concept is present between the homosexuals. The desire to contain ' ' natureza' ' of the bodies and the necessity to domesticate it took them to a construction of pecaminoso, abnormal the homossexualismo as something forbidden, or an anomaly. The relation between the Athenian men and the warriors of the past is related to the biological direction that if makes of the men and the bodies and the social function and of the women who were seen especially as a being indispensable to the procreation. Sacred and the profane one is en vogue between the homosexuals and some questions remain as: Demonizamos or we romantizamos the homosexual? They would be the homosexuals or another contemporary? Especially between the masculine homosexuals, we perceive the valuation of ' ' cult to corpo' ' the dimension of the aesthetic value that if makes of ' ' threshed and clear-cut body ' '.


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