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A good controller or manager must necessarily be a good leader. The leader nor always is a controller or manager. In the reality, the leaders must be gifts in all the too much levels of the organization. The necessary company of leaders in all its hierarchic levels and all its areas of performance. However, she is in the management that inhabits the point most critical of the leadership.

We verify that a espiritualizado Leader has as its bigger intention to help its team to develop its necessities and to the values of the organization, having as well as objective to take the word LOVE for the corporative world, believing that the professional success passes for this conscience, many executives find that, because they are in the command, its employees are that they have of serviz them, with the heart, the mind and spirit of its collaborators and this objective alone are reached when the leader leaves of side the desire of being able and to serve, instead of being served. Coming back to the book the MONGE AND the EXECUTIVE, we detach the following stretch: & ldquo; we do not change the people, we create the environment so that proper they mudem& rdquo;. CONCLUSION We can say that leader inspirers will survive and only obtain resulted bonanza. After if inhaling, the new necessary leader to learn if to communicate with led its. He is in this point that if speaks on the importance of a leader to know to communicate itself with led diverse profiles of. It complements designating that the communication is the mirror, the organizacional culture and if he reflects in the management process, in way that, if the leaderships of a company are not communicated with effectiveness, the company certainly will not be communicated very well. Myron Goldsmith (1996) adds that the leader of the future will ask, will learn, it will follow and grow of consistent and effective form This leader it will request the diverse groups of interest ideas, opinions and feedback. It enters the vital sources of information will be potential and current, supplying customers, members of team, subordinate right-handers, controlling, other members of the organization, researchers Two keys for apr


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